Played in an amateur event at the Blue Monster. One of the best courses in Florida. There are so many good holes and no real bad ones. Even some of the easy hole present a challenge if you are not careful, yet all of the hard holes can be birdied with nothing spectacular, just solid shots. One of my very favorite courses.

Luke Donald continues to show that driving the ball far, or even straight is not necessary to play great golf. All the more reason for all of you to dump all of these nasty swing concoctions to find distance.

It’s good to see Adam Scott back near the lead in a big tourney. I have always liked him…even though he copied someone’s swing. Matt Koucher continues to be consistent, which goes to show that even though I oppose swinging flat (especially for a tall guy), nothing is universal in golf.

Anyone who tries to copy Dustin Johnson (who I love to watch play) or Matt, are going to end up in a gown, tied in the back, on some sawbones’ table under the knife

Tiger continues to be mediocre and many will say to me, “He is working on a new swing, it takes time. You say that to us in an almost annoyingly redundant fashion.”

While I would agree with all of that last quote 100%, that is dependent on what one is working on being a good thing for that person and I believe what Tiger is working on…is not good for him. I would actually say it is terrible. His issue, even under Butch, was getting stuck. IMO, what he is working on can make you stuck even if you don’t have that issue to begin with…so it is doubly bad for Tiger.

His ability to play golf is masking how much trouble this swing is causing him. Wait till Augusta and The US Open. I believe it won’t be pretty.

…and please don’t point to his 66 on Sunday. He is Tiger Woods and able to put rounds together. He has not put together 4 rounds and especially not a good round when he is at or near the lead. He is still Tiger Woods and I am measuring him according to the standard he set for himself both in words and accomplishment. According to that standard, he stinks.

For those of you that don’t know this already, the rants are not about Tiger but watching the same thing happen to him that happened to me. Having your game ruined by a bunch of cookie cutter crap. I can see Tiger’s game and mental state deteriorating the same way mine did…obviously at a significantly higher level.

Going into Sunday Johnson had a two shot lead, but was unable to close. He wasn’t particularly terrible, just not good enough to win. Someone said he was working with Butch Harmon. I think if Butch can clean up his action a little, he has all the talent to win and win big. When I say clean up his action…I mean shorten his swing a little and maintain his head level a little better. He has already improved #2 in the last year or so and these changes are not intrusive, nor will they change the dynamic of his swing.

Does it get much better than birdieing 18 at Doral?

Nick Watney has a great swing and an excellent demeanor to be a great player. He is someone to watch…if you weren’t already after his great play of late. Winning at Doral gets my respect, as you have to hit all the shots…and he did.




  1. Wally

    great putting = closing need I say more
    Think of everyone of tigers’ major wins, impossible puts made. even I would have a single didgit handicap were it not for putting

  2. rojoass

    Tiger made a few putts Sunday. So all of the sudden his swing was “looking better” (according to a couple of the announcers)


  3. s.

    Watney…ten consecutive top tens? Wow.

    Woods? A top ten, tied for low round of the day. With a round like that, it’s too early to write him off.

    Personally, I liked it a lot better when Tiger was hitting 188 yard 3-woods and missing fairways by 100 yards. If people want to watch good golf, how about getting home under par with shots like those?

    Westwood had an interesting interview. They asked how he came from 260th in the rankings to #1. He said, “I took responsibility for my own swing.”

    Butch had an interesting interview too. He said that Johnson’s caddy called him out to the range for a “fix,” I think before the 3rd round. It was painful to listen to Butch’s list of adjustments. It might have helped Johnson’s 3rd round, but probably hurt his 4th.

    Another set of eyes might not be a bad idea, but during a tournament?

  4. Shallowface

    Monte, please elaborate as to why you think copying Matt Kuchar’s swing would lead to injury. Thanks!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Your average golfer is not nearly flexible enough to get the club in that position without some serious shoulder and probable back issues.

      More likely, they will lift at the end and either come over the stop or dump it so far underneath, they can’t recover.


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