My best wishes to all our golfing brothers and sisters in Japan. Kind of puts worrying about swing plane and face angle into perspective.

If anyone is doing anything here or there golf related to raise money to help, I’m in to put on a show or do whatever I can to help out.




  1. rojoass

    Man it’s unreal the power of Mother Nature. Amazing pictures & videos.The expanse of the earthquake is mind boggling.
    Gotta really feel for humanity when you see how lives can be smashed to nothing on a snap.
    Thoughts of California & what it could face anytime is spooky. I was in Oakland not long after the quake in (was it?) 89 & pictures don’t really tell the story. Those freeways looked like somebody just reached down & snatched a rug out from under them.
    Massive it was.

    I heard a guy say the other day on TV & I can’t remember the context but his quote was nobody really knows how to live until they have come close to dying.

    Take a big chunk of life every day……….cause we never know about the next moment.

    Fairways & greens Prayer for Japan


  2. Calvin D

    Yes it could happen to you. Really sobering.

    One reassuring thing: aid to Japan will be applied
    appropriately and efficiently.


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