What is the world coming to?

Here is yet another GolfWrx thread on forward shaft lean (lag) and how to get it artificially.

I would chime in and say the original poster’s inconsistency and lack of forward shaft lean is a lack of lower body turn (which is going to be made worse by using the hands to increase forward shaft lean), but that would just be a waste of my time and it will fall on deaf ears…or a blind eye. This thread is a case of the shanks waiting to happen for everyone reading it.





  1. mike

    Monte, that’sIMO more of hitting pattern and its perfectly ok not to have a real lower body turn, more of a bump/shift and posting up on the lead lag will do the job. Its harder on the body, requires more timing, and oh yes, less lag as the swing is already very narrow – chopping your woods is a bad thing.

    Let him figure out that himselves:)

  2. s.

    “This thread is a case of the shanks waiting to happen for everyone reading it.” I also call B.S. on that guy.

    Conspiracy theory: The thread is a hoax…maybe to see if he can go to the range and see people messing with shoe boxes?

    The giveaway is all of the weird little icons, and the 65 that he shot. I call B.S. I don’t think anyone can go that low without knowing how to swing.

    Hands ahead isn’t a position, or something you do. It’s a result of a coordinated swing–not upper body or lower body…just body.

    • carrera

      I just looked at this guy’s post history, and that is his MO. Very sure of himself. There is an impact picture of Tomed down near the bottom by a guy named Happygolf that shows that Tomed’s lower body is inactive and his release is flippy. All his Youtube swing videos have been removed, so we can’t see his swing, but in one post I think he says his swing speed is 118.


      • carrera

        Found a swing of his.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        I wanna see the course that guy shot 65 on.

        I made a living on guys like this back in the day.

  3. Calvin D

    If it feels good, do it. Next week it’ll be something else.

    What I want is gross movement that I am so confident in
    I don’t have to worry about ever changing it. All the rest is
    just window dressing. A bad shot is only that and doesn’t
    require major body work.


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