Nice to know some PGA Tour players

have a sense of humor and personality. I wish Ben Crane would translate this to his pace of play. I wish all PGA Tour players could show a little more of this side on the course.

I would have loved to be involved in something like this.

When I was with Nike in the mid 90’s I came up with an idea for a great commercial involving Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and myself. Problem is I never made the Tour and it never happened…and it’s too bad because the few people I told about it, loved the idea and said I just had to make it.





  1. rojoass

    How’s about you get 3 guys & outfit em like the 3 you mentioned & do your own commercial for your site & instruction ?
    Put it out there & it goes viral & you may be a superStar & then you’ll have the world by the tail.

    Exposure could be everything you need…………unless it’s like Tony Weener…….lol………

  2. Peter B

    Monte you know that you would be disguised as some large flower because your name, right?

  3. Greg Tellis

    Bless you, Monte


  4. Christian

    Have you seen Ben Crane’s video about his pace of play? “There are some things that are quick about me… Like when someone insults me I quickly feel bad about myself…” LOL.

    I like the Golf Boys video. I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw the original video a few days ago (the video for the song). I have to say this “making of” video makes it a lot funnier.


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