What can you say?

Tiger Woods at Augusta, St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. I am also not going to discount the most dominant performance I ever saw…Jose Maria Olazabal at Firestone in 1990.

That was a dominant performance by Young Mr. McIlroy. All of the superlatives I rained on him before the final round at Augusta now apply.

I said it would be the first of many majors on his way to becoming the best player in golf.

I have always been a fan of Tiger’s play, while thinking he was more like Barry Bonds in his demeanor and attitude.

With McIlroy, I can root for the man as well as the player. Baring something unforeseen, I see him winning the British Open as well.




  1. Calvin D

    No practice strokes! Stick the putter behind the ball. A look at the hole and bam.
    Talk about refreshing. Maybe that will catch on. Maybe Sergio will try it. 🙂
    Julius Boros is smiling somewhere.

    • meateater

      Gotta agree on that. I love his pace of play. Too bad they let Padraig Harrington back up the entire golf course.

  2. s.

    The real star of the show was the rain. If the USGA had its way, and the greens were brown, and it was 21 on the Stimp, and the winning score was +4, it would have sucked.

    By making the course looong, it favored a big-hitter, with accuracy, and solid putting. I called it, picked McIlroy in Fantasy Golf.

    • meateater

      Come on, this was probably the worst Open in history. It wouldhave sucked if it was the Quad Cities Classic, but for an Open it was a downright embarrassment. Some people ought to lose their jobs over this, starting with the USGA moron who sets up the course. He has basically ruined what made the Open special since he took over, in 2004 I think.

      So it rained. Was this the first time it rained during an Open? Congressional spends enough to build a space shuttle on new greens and they are defeated bya couple of showers? The rough was a joke, no penalty at all, plus they had it mowed down for 10 yards or so. Of course they made the course hugely long to insure that the winner would be a big name.

      Rory is certainly a worthy champion. I would just have liked to see him handle a real Open layout.

  3. Wally

    Being that my mothers parents came from Ireland, I know this kid will take this victory in stride, and won’t get too full of himself. And , he will get better

  4. rojoass

    I was wrong about the prevailing short game winning it………..Rory’s long game pretty much put this one away.
    The “prevailing short game” came in second. Jason Day.


  5. Calvin D

    Who is Kevin Chappell? But for the 1st day he would have been sort of in it
    with Rory. He’s built kind of like Duval. Lot’s of torque. Is he a one time flash?

    • rojoass

      He came up through the Nationwide tour. Real good player with a great mental approach to the game. I have watched him quite a bit on the Nationwide telecast.


      • Calvin D

        Chappell actually beat Rory by a stroke the last 3 days. Hmmmm. Very impressive.

  6. Mike H

    Very interesting analogy with Tiger and Barry Bonds. After thinking about it more, it may be a very knowledgable observation.

  7. Colby

    “How to hit like Rory” on Golf Fix right now.
    Topic 1. How to create more lag.

    I feel like I’m watching a Carrot Top show with all the props and devices.

    Meanwhile, I just rewatched “Plane and Release by Feel” for the hundredth time and got everything reconnected.

    In Monte I trust.


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