What does it feel like?

Feel is definitely not real. You are almost never doing what you think you are. Jim Furyk, in his mind, is swinging like Hogan.

The key is to find the feel that produces what you want. A feel that “feels” good and doesn’t produce a nasty outcome.

It couldn’t matter less what feel you use. As long as you are producing the swing and ball flight you want.

That is where trial and error comes in. Instead of using a cookie cutter system and painstakingly trying and produce those movements…find the feel that produces the movements.

For instance, practicing a 90* shoulder turn to the spine in the mirror will help you understand what that feels like.

…or doing my “plane and release by feel” drill to learn what swinging on plane feels like, instead of manually trying to find each position.

Sometimes all you need is to be pointed in the right direction and that is what I am attempting in my daily posts.




  1. rojoass

    A Casio view of your swing can help you find the right feel……..as long as you don’t hit the bong & get too techy with it.


  2. s.

    Great post.

    There could be a problem with looking in a mirror though. In golf, you are looking at the ball…and changing that configuration to see the mirror would change the feel.

    With posing, you use different muscles than you would use with swinging. With posing, your shoulders would come into play a lot more. In golf, you probably want your shoulders somewhat loose, not tense. I’m thinking–though I couldn’t prove it–that the shoulders have to be loose enough to allow the arms to swing, and to help provide the mini on-the-fly unconscious adjustments that make hand-eye coordination work.

    And then, the swing is done by the “big muscles”…wherever they are. You can mimic the “positions” of the swing with shoulders, but the big muscles that are doing most of the swinging are somewhere else.

    However, the problem with shoulders or even big muscles is this: whenever you think too much about a body part, something else is doing something wrong.

  3. Wally

    Hey you guys’ should stop being so cheap and fork over 120 U. S. dollars for hank haney’s PLANE FINDER. Do any of these people have a conscience?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL@Wally. You’re the man.

      Do you know why they call it the plane finder?

    • woody

      Hey, I’d do it Wally…except there’s no plane. It’s an illusion created by camera placement.

      If I have a ball on a string, I can twirl it and create a plane. Am I trying to create a plane? No.

  4. Wally

    I flew Southwest Airlines last month. While on board they gave some PLANE CRACKERS, I wonder if I eat enough, will my golf swing get better?

    • woody

      When they say “plane,” they mean Shaft Angle…when viewed from a camera that is placed where Hank Haney stands when he watches his students swing.

      It’s not a plane, unless you are referring to what Ben Hogan described, illustrated here:



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