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62-62 ????

I don’t care if you follow that up with 80-80, that is some serious golf. You also have to admire the consistency. Four birdies each 9. Wow!

I have written that following up one really low round is tough…I guess two is even more so.

Charlie Wi is going to make people rethink this Stack & Tilt debate. It has taken a beating lately. Although I am not real fond of the weight shift, Andy and Mike are good guys, smart guys and have a lot of really good ideas.

Is there any question the tournament swung on Toms holing out and Wi hitting the bunker lip on the next hole.


Good recovery by Wi to just make bogey.

On 17, the bogey by Toms and the made putt by Wi made things more interesting on 18…and as a fan, I love it when it’s decided on the 72nd hole. Although those two bunker shots left a lot to be desired. I know they weren’t easy, but the Sunday pressure seemed to take hold there, as those were not PGA Tour level shots.

What a clutch second shot on 18 by Toms. Want to know why he is 44 and still can win on Tour. Look at that massive hip clearance in snyc with his shoulder turn.

I played in Junior World at Torrey Pines when I was 17. David Toms won that year. So there is good news and bad news. The good news is I am not too old to still be good. The bad news is I may still be too dumb to be good…LOL.

All kidding aside, watching Toms win makes me believe I can, at the very least, still play at the Nationwide Tour level.

I have said many times, the two things that keep 40 somethings from still playing well are lost distance off the tee and being nervy on short putts.

Probably the two biggest strengths in my game. I just have to get everything in between straightened out. 😀

Thanks David, for giving me some more confidence that I can re-surge.




  1. Calvin D

    I guess this week it’ll be Toms against Maruyama? 🙂

    Monte, I don’t know why you would need to be reminded that you have the two most important abilities for success in tournaments (distance and touch) but whatever it takes. I think you need to narrow your focus a bit.

  2. rojoass

    Play in more tournys (at any level) & work on yer head game. It’s obvious that’s all keeping you back.

  3. Wally

    Show up at “Q” school and give ’em hell
    Play in any pro tournament you can.
    Be the Hunter not the prey.
    Make up your mind whether you want Long Drive competion or golf.
    Once you make up your mind train for that alone.
    Skrew swing thoughts, concentrate in targets,targets, targets.

    OLR you can just sell useless crap on TV to desparate uncoordinated hackers for 120 bucks plus a pop, put the profits in a bank in the Camen Islands

  4. woody

    Toms…just a guess, but if you asked him whether he was trying to do anything with his hips and shoulders, he’d say, “No.”

    Part of Toms’ resurgent success seems to be that he is having fun playing golf with his son, and is therefore getting more practice, without grinding.

  5. Calvin D

    You got a lot of daddy’s. 🙂

    There’s truth in this thread.
    Somethings missing. And it ain’t talent.

  6. banner12


    I think through this blog you’re finally getting ‘it’. I think of some of your wayward attempts at competing in the past where you were all over the place, but that 73 last week to me says the light bulb has turned on for you.

    Don’t over-think it. Have some fun.


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