The right shoulder

Today is a bit of a mechanical post, but if you can treat it like a feel…then it can make a big difference for you.

Skip past the dotted line to cut to the chase.

When you are reading this, some of you are going to say this contradicts my video on “shoulder turn angles.” It does not. As I often say, I explain the same concepts in different ways hoping that each of you will find something that makes sense. The point of that video and today’s post is to get the shoulders turning at the proper angle to maximize the efficiency of your swing.

The right shoulder can be a key in improving. If your shoulders are turning 90* to your spine, the right shoulder will feel high on the back swing and low on the downswing.

The problem for most golfers is they have a back swing that is too far to the inside and that will cause a low right shoulder during the back swing…which in turn can cause a high right shoulder on the downswing.

The other problems golfers have is in an instinctive effort to turn properly and keep that right shoulder low, they hang back, try to help the ball in the air and have no shoulder turn at all.

This is a lot of mumbo jumbo and some of you are going to read this and say BLECH!!!!

…and that’s fine.


The whole point…you want to feel your right shoulder high during the back swing and low at impact.




  1. Keith Z.

    You mentioned this recently, either here or over at WRX, and it popped into my head on my last two holes yesterday. While it wasn’t a horrible round, it was just a bit off. Just missed eagle on the eighth and made a great par on the ninth, which is also the hardest hole on the course. Keep up the great work, I don’t know how many people your insight is helping to better enjoy the game, but it is helping me a lot!

  2. Calvin D


    Another way to put it: Expand the right side in the backswing,
    expand (clear) the left side in the downswing.


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