What to do with Cliche Masters?

Often I seem like an arrogant know it all…and that may be the case, but I feel like I have earned the attitude I have.

I have succeeded as a long driver and a player and instead of towing the party line, I have studied thousands of swings from the worst beginner, all the way up to the greats of the game…and continue to study the golf swing every day and notice the trends and similarities of both successful and unsuccessful golf swings. There are a very few people (if any) that can claim anything close to that level of textbook and practical experience.

What pains me is reading the internet, being on the range and on the course and listening and watching people putting themselves up as experts with nothing more than a regurgitation of cliches.

Now it wouldn’t bother me so much, if not for these “gurus” telling me I am wrong for not agreeing with their tired old lingo and ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of intelligent and qualified people out there who have different ideas and philosophies than I do about teaching and what would be the best course of action in individual situations. They have done the same extensive research and just came to some different conclusions.

For example, a certain new poster on golfwrx and a range rat at the club I teach (two different people), corrected me on the same day on the same subject.

They both “corrected” me that standing too far away from the ball cannot cause the shanks…and people with the shanks SHOULD just stand farther from the ball. Really? Quite often, that just made the root problem worse.

Coincidentally they both started discussing lag and lag position as the be all end all of the swing.

In my younger days I would have called these people names that had a connotation of them possessing a low IQ. In my advanced years, I come to my blog and rant…LOL. 😀

The point of today’s rant and this blog in general, is be careful who you listen to. There is a HUGE section of the instruction community (both professional and rank amateur gurus) that are doing nothing more than spouting as if they stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.




  1. Paul

    It’s a total mystery to me. It seems only in the golf industry you get this phenomena. You wouldn’t go online to a cardiovascular surgeon forum and start arguing with surgeons about how to perform the latest breakthrough surgeries, would you?

    Stop it, people, you look and sound like idiots.

    Also, your instructor should be able to actually play golf and beat your ass resoundingly. You should become immediately aware of this after finishing the first hole. He should also be able to describe and demonstrate what he’s felling in the swing and somehow get you, over time, to feel the same things.

  2. mukster

    I wonder what it is about the game of golf that makes everyone an expert. This appears to be one of the few sports where everyone know it all and people seem to be okay taking advice from total strangers without a clue as to their expertise or qualifications.

    • casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

      It’s that MOST people will NEVER play with someone who can actually play. When i go play with my Dad’s friends they think I’m Tiger Woods, and the longest hitter in the world. No different than any other sport. People that can’t play rarely play with people that can. But most people don’t play basketball when they are 50, so they don’t go to a basketball forum and comment on it.

  3. Ted

    I was going to suggest you meant “toeing the line” rather than towing. But on reflection, towing the party line, like a dead boat through the water, might be more appropriate after all! Cheers.

  4. The Original Brian

    My problem is I can’t trust anyone and question everything so my confidence suffers. The closest I’ve ever come to simply trusting information is in this blog and your wrx posts. I’ve just had way too many certified professionals spew hot garbage in my ear. I think that certifications are very misleading in some senses as they’re given away like candy.

    • Mike Divot

      Let’s start the Original Brian Golf Academy.

      You can teach people your method of Uvular Stimulation Golf Swing.

      Any groupies who sign up for lessons can give you extra dough to learn how to teach your method.

      When you’re satisfied that these guys can … well who cares what they can or can’t do, it’s your academy after all. You can certify them as Original Brian Certified Instructors whenever the hell you like.

      It’s not too far removed from those online colleges where you can buy yourself a lordship. (Or a boring old PhD.)

      • The Original Brian

        as long as I can charge $80/hour

  5. bobs34

    I guess it’s an appropriate time for this, do you remember when you said this; “Hang back and throw the club from the top.” on October 17th? I’ve been away from every golf website since Oct 18th because while that thought of yours is the antithesist of what every other golf pro or guru on the planet would tell you, it’s pure gold! I doubt very many people will believe it. Even the pro at my home course tells me I’m full of it when I tell him that’s what I’m feeling when he’s just watched me hit 10 damn near perfect shots in a row. He tells me the only thing difference in my swing now is that my hands are much higher & in front at the top instead of so low and inside but I still move onto my left side in transition and rotate like a mother. Maybe I do but it’s just a by product of uncocking (not unhinging) my wrists as fast as I can from the top and then staying behind the ball… Probably even better is that I don’t get sore anymore. My profound thanks and apologies at the same time, I don’t need any more golf instruction.


    • Mike Divot

      Good stuff, Bob. Whatever works … and if some video jockey who loves drawing straight lines freaks out, too bad.

    • Calvin

      Bob, that is exciting. It kind of reminds me of Carl Lohren’s One Move to Better Golf.in its simplicity. Lohren’s move didn’t work for me but it sure does for him. Your one move obviously works for you and I can’t wait to try it on. Kudos to Monte.

    • woody

      This is what you think you’re doing: “uncocking (not unhinging) my wrists as fast as I can from the top and then staying behind the ball”

      This is what you’re really doing: “rotate like a mother.”

      This is a good sign. This means that you’ve gotten coordinated, don’t have to micromanage, and aren’t really aware of what’s going on.

      You shoud start a blog.

      • bobs34

        Woody, you’re right but who’dve guessed that it requires me to actively uncock my wrists right from the top to get coordinated…? NO BLOG for me. I’m not smart enough to help the guy that tries this and all he does is flip (unhinge) through impact… The smart guys understand the difference between Dorsi Flexion, ulnar deviation and whatever the other flexion is. I don’t. I just know cocking and hinging 🙂 Obviously there’s some arm rotation (release) going on too but so far I haven’t had to concern myself with that. I think the “hang back” part takes care of that.

      • Calvin

        Results are what really matter. Usually with something that singular the good results end after a few holes. If good things keep happening for a couple of months then you have a keeper. What’s fundamental for Bob might not be for everyone but it’s worth a go. Thankfully I know the dif between hinging and cocking.

      • bobs34


        I hope you didn’t take my comment about someone flipping through impact personally? I didn’t mean it that way, only trying to point out that I’m just another dude on the internet that doesn’t have a clue on what might work for others. I’m just fortunate I was able to glean something Monte said (not sure he even meant for other people to try it…) that hit home for me and really is a keeper.

      • Calvin

        No problems here Bob. I’m just glad that you made that post. There are a lot of players for whom uncocking means flipping. It’s a really good thing to find that someone has simplified their approach to golf and it is something that I strive for. Your approach might not work for me but I will soon find out. 🙂

  6. Calvin

    That’s “in the slot” Monte.

    By the way what the hell is the slot anyway?

  7. Mike Divot

    I don’t get it at all. Here’s a guy with all the real-life credentials in the world, who’s seen it and done it, understands swing crack in the truest possible way, knows that to lecture is not to teach … but people prefer to follow the guy who says “Learn my sure-fire secret move to add 30 yards to your drive, by studying pictures.”

    Why aren’t we all hitting it 350?

    Why aren’t we all hitting 17 greens?

    Why haven’t these turkeys realized that standard-issue instruction is broken?

    • David

      Slot machine syndrome. They had a fluke once which produced the drive of their life at the same time they were trying to do something funky and now they can’t stop inserting quarters trying to find that fluke once again.

      • Will

        Marketing too. Using the right combination of buzzwords directed at the right population is like the tune the pied piper plays. It also plays on the fact that most golfers want to be better so badly that they’re willing to try anything if they think it will work. A good marketer will push that button…

  8. Salo Kazak

    Do you think the golf swing has been perfected by The Round Mound of Rebound?


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