What do I work on in the winter?

Everyone who doesn’t live in 365 day golf weather always want to know what to work on in the winter.

My answer is simple. You can get more work done in the winter if you take advantage of the opportunity, than someone in Florida or California who mindlessly practices nonsense every day for 5 months.


Many golfers will find if they work on comfortable setup during the winter, they come out better golfers in the spring than they were in the fall.

Proper posture with arms hanging down out of the shoulders, balanced, proper bend at the waist/hips, proper tilt behind ball at address, etc.

With almost 100% success, people just working on setup without the anxiety of hitting a ball ruining their focus. end up with a setup that matches their body and swing and end up better than they started before the hiatus.

That being the case, I need to do some videos on how to find a good address position…and this is just as individual as the swing is.




  1. exilgolfer

    Could you talk more about alignment, when you talk about setup. I realized, that many times my alignment is way off (for example, shoulders way closed in an attempt to counterbalance an open stance = really sh*** shot). These things tend to sneak in over the season or during play (getting tired). Is there a good way to step into your setup, that gives you some help with alignment?

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    I am finding more and more its all about eye line. If your eyes match your target line, everything else seems to get at least close.


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