At the top of the swing




  1. Ron

    And make sure the butt of the golf club is secure and doesn’t slip.

  2. snaphooker

    What is the dfference between high hands and deep hands?

  3. bobs34

    Assuming Monte means at the top of the backswing, deep hands will be lower and more behind your head while high hands would be higher and more beside your head at the top. There’s a lot more to it according to Hardy’s 1 or 2 plane theory; how much you bend over at address, turning the body to swing the arms usually associated with deep or swinging the arms to turn the body (high), etc…

  4. Bob Saunders

    So with either high hands or deep hands you are maintaining a decent arc?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, with key world being maintaining, not widening.

  5. Geoff Dickson

    High hands are very important to me. I have had a chronic underplane takeaway, which as many of us know, equals death. I have had a few breakthroughs in recent weeks : 1) cock your wrists (I didn’t) and 2) lift you arms. Can you imagine how LOW a club is on the backswing without a wrist cock any lifting of the arms? I spent 18 months thinking takeaway was all about the (horizontal) direction that the club went back…that is part of it, but you also have to get that sucker into the air at some stage if you want to be on plane.

    I videoed myself two weeks ago. My left arm was lower than my shoulders at top of backswing. Think Matt Kuchar but lower. Think (unintentional) one plane swing.

    Lightbulb!!!! Do nothing but get that left arm higher…and just see what happens

    Immediate jump in swing speed. I could not get above 80mph with a seven iron and then I was hitting 85+ in an instant. The change also eliminated my positive (inside-out) club path. Both swingspeed and swing path were major breakthroughs, and they both improved immediately with only one conscious change to technique.

    My swing thoughts are now a mixture of: 1) get the hands high 2) get the left arm vertical (it doesn’t even come close, but it sure feels like it is); 3) get the left arm close to right ear 4)..and I even channel ‘Reach for the sky Jackie’ from Nicklaus’ coach (Jack Grout i think).

    High hands are a absoluter winner for me.

  6. Joe

    Who has high hands and who has deep hands on tour? I still can’t really visualize it from the descriptions here in the comments.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Deep you would call flat, high, you would call upright.

      Kuchar is an example of deep and Bubba Watson as high.

  7. snaphooker

    Anyone familiar with the club maker (1 Iron Golf) for which Monte provided the link to get the visual at the start of this post? I visited their site. Interesting.


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