Using the ground for leverage

Try this…not only as a drill, but possibly as a swing feel.

Push into the ground with the right foot on the backswing, push into the ground with the left foot on the downswing.

It works on chipping and pitching too.

Obviously if you are left handed, switch feet.




  1. Ron

    Tried it. For me the pushing into the ground causes me to sway. I like the feel of moving my front knee back on the BS (it grounds my back foot) and moves the weight on inside of my arches.

  2. CP

    Monte – what’s your stance on anchoring? Gotta go right.

  3. Damon

    Tried it, and had the best range session of my life! I was pressing into the ground hard with my right (back) thigh and foot, and keeping the pressure for the entire swing. For me, I was very solid throughout the backswing and allowed me to swing much more powerfully into the ball. Now this was the range, not the course, but I added 30 yards of carry to my drives. Normally , with the range balls I carry around 230 – 240. I was carrying 260.

    • Calvin

      Which way was the wind blowing? 🙂

      • Damon

        I hear what you are saying! I’ve hit at this range 100x the past 2 years, so I have a fairly solid reference to know if it was wind or not. I can honestly say this was the best range session I have ever had. I am a 8 handicap, but on the range look like a 20 most times. This day I looked like a scratch. Two people came up to me and watched me hit balls and commented on how solid I was hitting it, this has never happened.

        Now, like I said, this was at the range without any fear of hitting bad shots. Can I take (any) of this to the course? That is yet to be seen.

      • Calvin

        Damon you said you were keeping the pressure for the entire swing but only referenced your back foot. Did you transfer?

  4. Damon

    The transfer happened, but not to the same degree that I set the “pressure” at address in preparation of the backswing. What this really demonstrated to me is that I had noodle legs at address and throughout the swing. I clearly was not using them to power the swing. I was using arms, turn , and timing (which worked to a degree), but leaving out a major power source.

    My feeling was to keep the pressure until the end of the backswing, and then just let the downswing happen. The downswing was much less restricted and impact much less manipulated. I transferred “pressure” to the front leg via the downswing and release.

    Hope that helps


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