Getting better at golf takes three things

1. The desire to get better
2. A direction
3. Following that direction

The problem is getting all three of those things correct seems to be a long shot and that’s why handicaps aren’t going down internationally…in spite of technology.




  1. Chez

    Always need a plan for anything in life…plan your dive, dive your plan!
    Thanks Monte, except for your shot to shot comments on this blog, attempting to find updates and results on the web is impossible.

  2. woody

    It’s #2, a direction.

    Golf and skiing instruction took the path of presenting positions, whereas the actual process is dynamic.

    • Robert Johansson

      Its both static and dynamic.
      Its not defined therefore the direction of instruction dont work so well.

      • woody

        The only position in golf is address. Trying to imagine other positions is not very helpful, at least to me.

        Viewing positions of good golfers can help to determine what is happening, but that takes skill in interpretation, usually lacking.

        For example, seeing lag doesn’t tell you why it’s there–so people make a position out of it. It’s the same story with “plane.”

  3. Brett

    Great post. I’ve decided to dedicate my fall and winter to improving my shots from 50 yards and in: chipping, pitching and a lot of 30 – 50 yard shots. I have the perfect place to practice in my yard, and I have the strong desire to get better. I’ve already improved a LOT. That’s the direction I’m taking, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’m sure it will improve my scores next year (assuming I will have time to play).

  4. Mike Divot

    There doesn’t seem to be much shortage of #1 and #3. Just check out any golf range. Or every second thread on golfwrx.

    #2 is where it’s falling down. Golf teaching industry has set up a mirage of pseudo-science and jargon to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about.

    • woody

      Mike, you nailed it.

      To hear mainstream golf gurus, you’d think it’s all about arms. So, what they offer is far behind Wikiedia. If you looked up how to golf on Wikipedia, you’d find:

      “Contrarily to what beginners think, shoulders, arms, forearms, wrist and hand muscles are almost absent from the swing. The more you try to use them the less precise your swing will be.”

      I think this is true because those are the things that are used in hand-eye-body coordination. If you use those things for propulsion, that leaves you brain with nothing to make the rapid adjustments that allow you to hit the ball. And, it begs the question of where you get the power.

    • Mike Divot

      Try thinking about baseball.

    • Roy Gilley

      Your left heel doesn’t have enough weight on it. Think about getting the weight to your left heel with your left hip rotating left on the downswing. You’re actually on your toes just after impact! I’m about a 25 hcp, so I’m probably wrong in my advise.

  5. Allen Lane

    This post is dated 20 Nov. – Nothing since ! I trust your health is O.K.
    Allen L.


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