He made 21 birdies

I know in golf you are only as good as your worst shot, but when you make 21 birdies and shoot 6 under with only 1 double, that tells me two things.

You can golf your ball…and there is an issue of trust involved with swing changes when the shot doesn’t fit your eye and/or when your are nervous.

It doesn’t get any more nerve racking than 2nd stage. I can painfully attest to that.

As I’ve said. He’s back physically, now it’s time to recover mentally.




  1. fishmatics

    I have always maintained the difference between the good and the best players is their short game. With red hot short game, the confidence filters through into the rest of the game, It frees up the mind to play golf. Simple thinking, “As long as I can get it close to the green I will make par”.

    Have you analysed Frank’s numbers? How many times did he short side himself? How may putts per round? Sand Saves, up and downs? Is he missing putts on the top side, low side? Short or long on his putts?

  2. woody

    If you get bored, you might want to comment on this–what kind of hole was #18, and why did it give Frank so much trouble?

    • Robert Johansson

      480y par 4. likely not optimal tee/approach shots.

      • woody

        Thanks Robert. Checking the stats, it played an average of 4.35 (for a par 4), so plenty of others must have had trouble with it.

      • Robert Johansson

        sometimes a hole mess with the perception the player has, and they pull the wrong choice due to they dont judge it right.

  3. Mike Divot


    Chin up, and keep punching.


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