If you sway




  1. casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

    i struggle with this. How do you suggest we stop? What can I do to keep it form happening, and to make sure my hip gets deep enough?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It takes effort and time to figure out what feel works for you. It doesn’t happen in one range session.

    • Mike Divot

      Take some baseball-style cuts at the ball and feel your weight moving.

      Everyone’s baseball swing seems to be better than their golf swing.

      • casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

        I don’t think that’s true at all. I think that most people just don’t know what a baseball swing should look like because they never played it at a high level. It’s no different than golf. A high school player has no real idea how good players do it.

  2. Caine

    I have always had a sway since I was a self taught junior golfer. I have had good success with a very obvious swing fault. Over the last 3-4 years I have been trying to limit my sway in the never ending search to get better. It got so bad I couldn’t find a fairway with an iron. My handicap went from a +2 to about a 5-6. I got so frustrated and desperate I was willing to try anything. I was watching the golf channel one very late night and saw the Pivot Pro. Yes, I Know…hahahah…Well I bought a Pivot Pro. lol Immediately it allowed me to feel what a proper turn felt like. Took me less then a couple month and I was shooting my old scores again and sometimes lower. Within about 3-4 months I was able to get my handicap back to the + side.

    Not saying the Pivot Pro is going to help everyone but I am a very feel based player so it really allowed me to feel what was right and wrong.


    Keep up the good work with Frank. I hope to seem him back in the winners circle soon…

  3. Eric

    MOnte Im still trying to fix my early extension and remember some advice you gave me few months ago. You said i have to stop lifting the club and raising up from the waist.
    The raising up from the waist clicked with me. I feel a much rounder hip turn and more balanced. I am just curious how you could tell i was raising from the waist. ?

    I just noticed that i do but it is very subtle ! Here is the video where you gave me your opinion

  4. FredL

    I struggle with this as well…in trying to keep from swaying, I’m also trying not to restrict the hip. I think your back leg will straighten a bit, but then I’m thinking/feeling like i’m reverse pivoting.


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