Tweaked my shoulder in Dallas

Not sure I am going to play Tuesday in my Open qualifier. Hitting it decent too.

Chipping and putting is actually the hard part.

What I don’t want to do is play and WD. Did too much of that when I was hating golf.

I need to get in better shape. Frank and I discussed a kettle bell work out. He swears by it.

EDITED: Forgive the whiney post. My shoulder really does hurt and if it wasn’t US Open qualifying, I would have withdrawn already, but that’s not what’s bothering me. I take my 6 month blood test next week to see if the meds cured the Hep C. Odds are it did, but if it didn’t…




  1. banner12

    You can’t qualify if you don’t play.

    Think Tiger would let a ‘tweaked shoulder’ stop him from playing?

    Stop looking for excuses and get your ass out there and play.

    You only have ONE CHANCE to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Open.

    Don’t throw it away.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not about excuses.

      It’s about getting off my ass and getting in shape so nagging injuries stop slowing my progress and not allowing me to play at the level I should.

  2. theMIKE

    I had a similar story, went on playing anyway and shoot one of the lowest scores in my live, take it easier, have fun about the opportunity and see what comes out (of course if your md pulls the handcuffs…)

  3. jaybee

    Listen to your body. You don’t come off as a whiner here, so it seems that you’ll know best what to do. Once you are ready, you might want to try thera band exercises, a lot of golf physios seem to swear by them these days and you can always carry one around with you. Besides, it must be hard to play anyway with something like this on your mind. Fingers crossed that it worked and that you got rid of it!

  4. Robert Johansson

    I am sick with chronic fatigue syndrome since 12 years.
    I done every day since January something, either push ups, pull ups, weights, every day something that I could do.
    I cant understand golfers who dont work out off season.
    I also do Intu-flow daily which allows me flexibility and mobility to prevent injury and to increase energy.

    I am 48 and no issues with the body in my swing.
    My illness prevents long hard hours of working out so I focus on efficiency and short durations one day it might be 10 push ups, the next maybe 30. all depending on the stamina that day.

  5. Calvin

    Hate the post. Love the edit.

    Kettle bells? Go gently into that good gym. Somewhere between
    Carl Peterson and Lee Westwood. 🙂

  6. The Original Brian

    I’d be happy to shoot you a copy of what I do. I’ve gained 45 pounds since I started training for golf (with the same pant size). I also gained 12mph clubhead speed… not that you need it.

  7. Jennifer Tucson

    Really great meeting you, Monte! Hope the shoulder’s getting better & that Frank kicks butt today! Jennifer

  8. spanky

    Very best of luck with the test results Monte, it’s a horrible feeling waiting & wondering. Good luck with the Open also.

  9. Kevin Kruse

    Just get a cortisone injection to calm it down (make sure it is by an orthopaedic surgeon who does shoulder surgery as most of physicians will not properly place this injection). Also start taking 800 mg of ibuprofen three times a day and ice your shoulder three times a day. Don’t worry about anything “masking the pain” cortisone just calms down an inflamed hot shoulder. When you are done with the qualifier you need to see a physical therapist that works with both shoulders and golfers on a regular basis to get started on a rotator cuff strengthening program. I speak from experience as I am an avid golfer and I have had shoulder surgery and I have learned how to manage it. I am also an orthopedic surgeon.

  10. North


    Sorry to hear you tweaked your shoulder. Do what is right for your body and your mind. There is always next year, but if you don’t pay attention to your body then that might not be the case.

    Thumbs up and heal well.

  11. choms57

    Big fan of the blog. Hope you play tomorrow. Lock in, hit some shots and have fun.

  12. banner12

    BTW, in a local Open qualifier here Tim Hogarth was +3 for 9 and WD. Par for the course for him. Only player to WD after a bad 1st 9. Monte knows what I’m talking about.


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