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Gonna suck it up, take a pain pill and see what I can do today.

Hit some balls last night and it hurt like hell, but after playing sports for 35 years, there is a difference between pain and injury. I always judge by range of motion.

I have full range of motion, it just hurts. Hopefully I’ll take some narcos and it won’t bother me.

I have a student who is a great player and he is struggling. He asked me to build his game for long term success and he has worked hard and progressing. His feel just stinks right now.

So give him a shout of support.

…and I am 45 years old today. I implore the golf gods to allow a few of my putts to fall and to get a few tigeresque bounces.

…and win the lottery.

Actually, I’ll call it a wash if I just pass my blood test next week.




  1. Adam

    Where is the local qualifier? Do you have a link where can we can see how you did?

  2. Bob Saunders

    Happy Birthday Long Knocker!

  3. Pat

    Happy Birthday Monte… Advil is the miracle drug… don’t know if you can use it or not…

  4. Robert Johansson

    I am 48, so u got time…
    And none like a quitter, get some drugs and go get them!

    • Mike Z

      I read the rules published at this link. When I got to section “3. Ties”, I momentarily thought it pertained to dress code. 🙂

  5. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Good luck with your blood test. Are you absolutely sure this is not a false positive? Fatty liver can also cause elevated enzymes.

  6. Mike Richardson

    Happy birthday Monte, hope you make it to San Francisco

  7. Jason

    I’m 40 this year. Happy Birthday Monte. I knew it would be rotator cuff related. Somewhere in you swing your arms are crashing into your body instead of you body getting out of the way back and through. Actually I don’t know for sure but most of the time with these injuries that’s the case.


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