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  1. banner12

    I played a round of golf with Na the year before he turned pro when he was the #1 rated junior golfer in the world at a local course here(Oak Quarry). He was with his coach and he did have A LOT of problems getting comfortable over the ball especially putting. He hit every par 5 in 2(playing 572, 572, 575 and 572) but 3 putted each one of them (he shot a 75 that day).

    Nice kid then and a lot of talent, just needs to get the mental game together.

    P.S. I beat him by a shot the front nine until he turned it on the back nine.

  2. theMIKE

    Maybe he is a nice guy, but golf is a sport for deciders and doers, not for guys who only manage their doubts ans hesitations. Just compare Kuch to him on yesterday as fowler nailed his putt, matt went in killer mode and followed suit, Na would have probably added six more waggles and one extra backing off. Kuch kept a big smile on his face (well, probably he had to) and Na had a facial expression like .. (I leave it to you to guess).

    Thanks to Mr. Voodoo Master, we had this mess a few times less on TV as Na was out of contention, he should get a live and do something else with it.

  3. jaybee

    From the PGA website: By Bill Cooney, PGATOUR.COM
    PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Tiger Woods thinks he has a solution for slow play in golf. Penalty strokes.
    “Strokes is money,” Woods said after his final round at THE PLAYERS Championship.
    Currently, PGA TOUR players lose a stroke if they receive two bad times in a round. On Saturday, Kevin Na received one bad time but not a second one. Woods said he would issue a stroke for the first bad time.
    “What people don’t realize is that one shot is so valuable out here,” Woods noted.
    Woods said pace of play is not a TOUR issue but a golf issue.
    “We have gotten slower on TOUR,” Woods said. “College has gotten just incredibly slow. It’s so bad that now we are giving the guys the ability to use lasers to try to speed up play, and they are still in, you know, 5:45, 6:00 plus.”
    …and they don’t hit their balls deep into the woods having to look for them- like us.
    So not to defend Na/it- but: why call on him only on 17 on Saturday- as far as I know there was no gap to the group in front? Also, just because his pre shot routine over the ball is painful to watch does not mean that he is slow. What about JD’s 13waggles? He seems to have cut them down to either 9 or 7 since the PGA and Manzella is now raving about how everyone should copy them. BTW, remember Sergio’s regripping?
    IMHO, if you walk fast, don’t hit it into the trees, read your line and do your putts quickly you can take all the time you want over your 35 full shots and won’t ever be slow. A fair solution should incorporate all this, but that won’t happen because it would have to address and penalize the bomb&gouge players- like Tiger, Bubba &co.

    • meateater

      It’s not that I disagree totally with you, but if a guy takes 30 seconds extra over 32 full shots, that’s added 16 minutes to his round. You get a couple of guys doing it, not to mention they are probably taking forever ovber their putts, and you turn what should be a 3 3/4 hour round into a 4 1/2 hour ordeal. I guess a lot of retried guys enjoy just putzing around all day out on the ocurs,e but some of us have lives and stuff to do.

      Slow play has made Tour events almost uneatcheable on TV. Guys and their caddies have two minutes conferences on pretty simple shots. If it’s something really tricky, you can time them with a sundial. Keeping up with the group ahead solves noting, because they’re playing so as molasses also.

      • Robert Johansson

        they dont even carry their own bags. and their routines borders to insanity.

  4. Ron

    There was one time he was over the ball, swung and missed. No stroke was assessed because he pulled out of his swing. Did I understand this correctly?

    • Mike Divot

      Yeah. You have to intend to hit the ball.

    • FredL

      also, I believe that that was Na’s pre-swing routine that may have changed recently. He was known to swing over the ball as part of his routine. I’ve heard that he is trying to cut down his routine to play quicker.

  5. Calvin

    As much as I hate slow play that was entertaining TV.

  6. Andrew from Addis

    A question? What is the rule for time for each shot if you are on the clock? In Europe I think it is 50 seconds if you are first to play and 40 otherwise (You should use the time you are waiting to prepare). I counted Na’s time on a few shots. From when he got to the ball to when he hit was regularly well over a minute. I cannot believe he was only warned once for taking too long.

    I have a switch in my brain – 3.5 hours and it clicks off – I may as well go home after that because I know I wll bogey or double pretty much everything.


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