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It’s too bad the reshuffle isn’t until right before the US Open because the money he won in San Antonio would have gotten him in the Byron Nelson next week. As it stands, it looks like he will have to make it in Monday.

I was really surprised and touched with how much credit Frank is giving me for his resurgence. We stayed with some cousins of his wife in Dallas and he could not say enough.

What was even more impressive was how much he pimped me at the club. To three other tour players, a Nationwide player, the director of golf and the owner of Craig Ranch, he essentially said the same thing after people congratulated him on his high finish a few weeks ago.

“That’s the man over there, I did that after only working with him for a week.”

What really gave him some confidence this week was when I told him I withheld a lot of stuff and waited to work on something till now. Even though it would have helped him long term, it would have possibly given him the lefts if I told him in Jacksonville.

Hitting the ball left almost literally makes him homicidal.

He was told to restrict his hip turn and keep his rear hip level. That is just plain awful. This week I told him to allow the hips to rotate they way they want to and the right hip will go up and away from the ball.

He looked at me as if I had lost my mind as he had never heard that before. However, he now trusts I am not going to deal him any swing crack, so he did it. The very first swing he made was awesome. He slammed his club and spouted several expletives. I was puzzled because it looked so good and he hit the exact shot he strives to hit.

He told me that more than one of the people he worked with told him specifically not to get his hip that deep. He doesn’t like to see his swing on video, but asked to see the next swing. So I took a video. More expletives.

“Gee, I wouldn’t want to do that, would I (thick sarcasm)?

Every subsequent swing, his entire back swing was in sync and it immediately eliminated all of the excess arm lift he had.

That is how I got his right elbow in front of his hip on the down swing. It got his hip turning deeper, reduced arm lift and that made room for the elbow to get in there on the downswing.

So for all of you who were worried I was putting him on the pipe with the right elbow thing…think again. It happened all by itself when I did nothing but tell him to turn more freely in the backswing.

Had I told him this the way his swing was working a few weeks ago, this freedom would have caused left of left and I wouldn’t have gotten a second chance…and more importantly, he wouldn’t have made any progress at all.

That is why teaching is an art form. You have to know the right info to begin with, you have to give out the right amount and you have to give it out in the right order. The better the player, the more important #3 is.

Now I won’t lie, I have made mistakes with other students with amount of info and the order, but I always end up moving in the right direction. With Frank, I spent a few days and my entire plane flight to Jacksonville forming my plan for him.

So far, so good.

When I post the video I took, you are not going to see a major swing over haul. Obviously he would not have finished 13th a week later if that were the case. The differences from the video I took at the Nationwide qualifier last month and today are subtle, but significant. The hip thrust is less, the arm lift is starting to match the turn, the right hip is higher and deeper at the top of the swing and the right elbow is passing the the right hip better.

What is significant is he is turning the club left, rather than pulling it left with his hands. This is producing a shallower swing and less chance for flipping the club left.

At full speed and likely different camera angles, the differences may not be immediately apparent. Even at slow speed (or frame by frame), I will say again, the changes are not significant and they won’t be aesthetically for several months. I am disappointed I did not take another video later in the day.

The proof is in the ball flight and divots.

What is different is how much easier it is for him to produce the motion as it is way more cohesive. I will get the video up monday, along with the one I initially took. The improvement in his feel is making him giddy and…

isn’t that all that really matters?

I want to again reiterate something in response to several of the comments and emails I have been getting.

The object is not to read everything I write and watch every video I make, agree with it and go do it. I am not a one size fits all approach. As I learn new things, I post them. As I learn new ways to explain the same things I post them. When I make observations I feel will help some people, I post them. When I have a feel I think might make sense to some people, I post them.

My intent is to post as much information as possible in hope that I can reach everyone who comes here with ONE tidbit that will make things easier for them.




  1. Robert Johansson

    if he can do what he wants to do that is a huge deal for him.

  2. Joe

    Thanks Monte , Great Post!

  3. Bob

    It is so cool reading this stuff, Monte. Thanks!

  4. theMIKE

    and Kevin Na is a living nightmare.. if that guy would be playing with me I would loose my cool after 4 holes.

  5. Jason

    Great Stuff Monte. Nuff said………..

  6. pcb_duffer

    [snip] and Kevin Na is a living nightmare. [snip]

    The PGA Tour can put a stop to it any time they want. Hire a vertebrate with a stop watch. The first bad time in a tournament gets you a notice, the second a stroke, the third two strokes, etc.

    • sssc (@sssc)

      i agree! not only should you get stroke penalties, i think they should go the route of disqualification etc… fines are a waste of time for these guys. not that they are even doing that, as far as i know.

      • theMIKE

        I had more some voodoo rituals in mind:)
        We prepared already a camp for our voodoo master in the bushes behind the second green, so if he doesnt get mad by the bad vibes of Kevin Na, it should be a funny afternoon. Poor Kuch. At least Na can’t hold up the field today,LoL

  7. Jaymes Tan

    Thanks Monte, two pcs of tidbits turned on the light bulb for me!!
    1st- “allow the hips to rotate the way they want” for me it’s was left hip up and back on the transition …
    2nd ” felt my left arm is rolling down my chest” ….. No more blocks and snap hooks!
    Thank you once again….

  8. theMIKE

    Kevin Na is obviously a real tester for the voodoo master, but so far he is doing a good job


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