Too much grip pressure

A killer for everyone and the solution is hold the club like a bird or a toothpaste tube.

Won’t work. You will snatch the club in transition no matter how hard to try. Looser grip pressure at address just makes the jump when you increase it at the top worse.

Grip pressure being a killer is in transition. Hit impulse makes you pull the club really hard to the ball using the hands and increased grip pressure is nearly impossible to avoid, no matter what you do.

However, if you change where you leverage the transition, the increased grip tension doesn’t happen quite so much.

When you change from backswing to downswing, instead of pulling the handle, push your feet into and grab the ground as if you were barefoot and were grabbing the carpet.




  1. Brendan

    My coach is working on exactly this with me – to the point that I’m beginning to think that my whole swing will be run by a basic right hip action. I’m having to learn to pretty much ignore my arms, hands and the club after the back swing.

  2. jaybee

    After your shallow vs. steep lag comment, I have recently begun to better understand and feel (trigger: a soft SW with ball above feet) your BD&T sequence by rediscovering and applying your left arm is key thoughts and combining them with a right elbow up! move/feel in transition with good success in practice and on video.
    Incidentally, this move/feel also seems to give me that same barefoot feeling you describe here- might be of help for the more hand/arm than lower body oriented/sensitive people like me who always pulled the handle and got steep in TS even when focussing on bumping the left hip to the target only.
    IMHO, including this one, there were some truly great, unique and very insight- and helpful comments from you recently! Many thanks and keep it up- and/or put it all together for the Monte unitiated ROGW so that the average handicap will finally start to come down.

  3. Tim

    Great post. This sounds like it was written specifically for me. I like the idea of focusing that pressure somewhere else as opposed to trying to eliminate altogether.

  4. Tom McNamara

    I have a huge callus on my right ring finger from exactly this: regripping at the top to feel strong and aid pulling the handle. JB mentioned the BD&T sequence and I found that allowing gravity to aid the dump is helping eliminate/significantly help the regripping at the top. It doesn’t feel as powerful, yet I hit the ball as far or farther with control…weird?! Lol

    • calvin

      2013 looks like 1978.

  5. BSC

    Every time I feel my swing path gets a little too left. I think about this post. It really helps me in the transition and getting the shoulders to swing a little more to the right. I know it seems odd a post about grip pressure helps me out with the way my body turns but for some reason when I can think about grip the ground, that gives me enough time to execute the “Dump” properly.



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