Trackman, Golftec Swing sensors, Iphone apps, slow motion video, etc.

People (instructors and golfers) use these items to try and bastardize their swings to some mythical optimum level. Zeroing out perfect positions and angles.

This leads to quitting golf.

Using technology to find and fix the watershed flaw is what it’s all about.

I have an app on my iphone (GolfMTRX) which measures several hip movements. Hip turn at top of swing, at impact, peak time (when hips reach maximum speed), hip speed, etc…then gives a grade from 1-100.

If you see from the numbers you have a restricted backswing hip turn, or they are firing too fast, etc…I have helped several students by looking at one number, they improved that one number and they immediately started striking the ball better.

I saw a guy on the range manipulating his hip turn in order to score 100, because he was mad he was only scoring in the high 80’s. Ended up with the shanks.

It’s no different than people standing on a Trackman trying to achieve a +4 or +5 angle of attack because they have been told that achieves more distance.

Trying to swing +5 when your path is -5 (to the left of the target line), will provide some entertaining moments for the people you have $5 Nassaus with.

That sounds no different than me saying change one number on the hip turn app. One is freeing up a body movement, the other is zeroing out a position.

Again we come to the salient point. You have to know how the numbers match up and how to use the technology properly.




  1. Andrew in Belgium

    I do not have an Iphone and if I did I am quite sure that I would not want to know what my hips are doing while I swing. It would lead to utter misery and me attempting to do the impossible with my ancient bones and floppy bits (aka muscles).

  2. Tom McNamara

    Well, I tried the GolfMTRx and ended up with an average score of 91. I have no idea what that means! Numbers don’t mean a damn thing without a sound professional to, 1. break them down 2. explain what they mean 3. then utilize their experience to correct problems based on what they see. When your good at what you do (like Monte), you can skip to #3 and move on to playing better golf. Getting wrapped up in numbers typically becomes an insane process of chasing numbers and most seem to forget about what the end goal is…playing better golf, not playing better numbers, similar to getting the high score on a video game.


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