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  1. David

    Can’t blame them. They were expecting a brand new swing thought to help them hold the lag to put on top of the 99 others and finally succeed in catching them all. In that situation, I would need to vent too.

  2. mike h

    Looks to me that the comments had very little to do with the great story you shared about the real Phil Mickelson. I would have chosen to ignore them because they have nothing to do with the story.

    I appreciate reading the story and hope you will share more. Maybe on the blog here you can share the Mac O’Grady story you alluded too.

    As for Phil, I have only been to a few PGA Tour events that he has been at, but the few times I have seen him he is handing out golf balls to kids like candy. He doesn’t need to do that to be popular, but he does.

  3. Tom McNamara

    Phil is and always will be one of my favorite players. I wonder if Long Drive Sheriff has a criminology degree…don’t you need that to be called sheriff?! I said it before, people need to chime in with irrelevant negative crap to try to prove their own worthless existence.
    I always love to read comments on opinionated subjects…I always seem to have the wrong opinion compared to blatant haters! Lol
    Thanks for the read Monte…they keep me coming back here regularly.


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