See how many things this guy said and did that were wrong. BTW, I am referring to the responder and his tone, not the guy who posted his swing.


I will add to this list people who nitpick me when I call myself World Long Drive Champion and those that don’t allow me a little bit of happiness when I have a good day during one of my limited rounds of golf because it wasn’t in the US Open.

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  1. northgolf

    If he becomes your online student…. Well, at least you would be getting paid to witness his douchebagginess. I couldn’t put myself through that whole thread.

  2. Jim

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the “douchebag” wasn’t the original poster who was looking for help, but the “troll” who chimed in a few posts from the end. it’s a shame there are so many a-holes out there like that!

  3. Andrew in Belgium

    I do not think Monte was referring to the OP – just the DB with the comments about leg straightening etc. (Which is a good thing to do when your foot makes contact with the DB’s Ar$e)

    I think that Monte will help the OP very quickly. The right elbow was a good spot – I saw this narrow narrow swing but could not work out why. That, of course, is why I am a 9 handicap and Monte is the NGG (Next Great Guru) 🙂

  4. Matt

    There were apparenly numerous dick head posts deleted from the thread.

    GolfWRX is still a pretty good place to hang out, but it’s not what it used to be, particularly the instruction forum sees far too many cases of “e-balls.”

    • Robert Evans

      “e-balls”, that’s hilarious. That really gave me a good laugh. Thanks:)

  5. northgolf

    The whole swing vs. hit don’t use the right side part just hurts to read.

    Calling the guy who posted on the head raising and leg straightening a DB is being too kind. Must be a colloquialism, but a DB didn’t have “being an ass” as a defining characteristic where I learned it – it was more a style of ignorance on display.

  6. atyler16

    I posted a few pics of my swing a couple of years ago and got that type of response. It’s too bad people don’t conduct themselves on the internet as they would live and in person, although maybe some of these guys would be a-holes live too. I just know if you came up to me at the range and said some of the things I’ve seen on Golfwrx, you would have a 3 iron wrapped around your head.

    • Andrew in Belgium

      Which at least shows you are a class player because you still use a 3 iron; for whatever purpose!

      • atyler16

        I’d use it because I can survive without it. 🙂

  7. Alf

    The DB sounds like someone who I may actually know who froma couple of other site. The name Alex gives it away. Of course I could be wrong, but the tone and content of the advice reminds of someone who I despise.

  8. calvin

    7 things wrong if you include pissing in the wind.


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