“The swing has to be perfect”

After spending last week with Frank, it is just appaling how much the the journey to a perfect swing has ruined the game.

I have now spent 13 months purging Frank of the “perfect/ideal” swing mechanics that were inflicted upon him. Every time we work together, he has a new gem of a misconception for me, that he assumed was true…and I was working under the assumption there was no way that was polluting his brain with something so ridiculous.

This time it was, “Your shoulders need to be square to the ball and parallel to the target line at impact.”

This is something that he assumed was true and I never knew he thought that. I have been trying to get him to have more open shoulders and hips at impact for more than a year, without using those words as I am not fond of zeroing out impact posiitons.

Frank was under the assumption when I said he needed to rotate more left, that his shoulders were actually closed at impact…feel isn’t real.

He did, however, know that a bent right arm at impact produces results for him, as it was a feel that specifically created one of his victories. What he didn’t know is those issues are conncected…and false modesty aside…I do.

Pivot driven swings have shoulders more open at impact and a more bent right elbow, where more arm and hand driven swings will be more square with a straighter right arm at impact.

Frank is the former, where I am the latter. Hunter Mahan the former, Ricky Fowler, the latter.

You can’t mix fundamnetals like the butcher Frank previously worked with.

“Keep your chest in the shot longer.”

Well folks, that makes Frank’s right arm starighten premaurely, sends the path to the right, closes the face to the path and produces a pull draw. Since Frank likes to line up as far left as he can, swing down his footline and hit a striaght ball or fade….keeping the chest in the shot longer and getting the shoulders square at impact creates the miss he can’t have.

It is like telling someone who is coming from the inside, stalling and flipping at impact to swing more inside out to cure a pull hook.

As soon as we had this conversation, Frank’s right arm got more bent at impact, the path went more left and his hips went from about 20* open at impact to 35*.

I go through his with every client. Every time we get together, I tell them something, they respond, “But…” and the response is always some cliche that doesn’t apply to them, or something just plain wrong.

The swing doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to match. See the Deane Beman video below.




  1. Robert Evans

    Monte, your insight is so awesome. I can’t wait for our next in person lesson! Simply put, you da man:)

  2. balcksox

    Impact is somewhere between 1/2000 and 1/4000 of a second. Even with careful analysis with a trackman, impact is like the configuration of a snowflake……..they are all similar from a distance yet different and distinctive from one swing to the next. Any teacher who would zero out variables and restrict a basic flow of motion due to a theory is in complete denial of physics. Trying to stall the rotation of the body or trying to zero out forearm rotation to force the body to turn is complete non-sense. Coordinating all the motions thru impact……..to coordinate, there has to be a continuous flow. In order to create repeatability in a time frame that is variable and within 1/2000 and 1/4000 of a second, I would follow Monte’s advice to a T……….stop combining theories in search of IDEAL conditions. The quest for perfect is an illusion.

  3. banner12

    I could cure Frank in 5 minutes.

    I’d simply have him visualize the shot he wants to make, see in his mind’s eye the ball from launch to flight to landing.

    Focus only on that.


    Everything will fall into place.

    He knows how to swing the club. The mechanics will happen automatically.

    Everything else is just noise.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Good luck with that. I’ll give you his number if you want to take a shot.

      • banner12


        Just tell him yourself. That way you will get the credit. The unconscious mind is an amazing thing. Frank knows how to swing a golf club and making conscious changes/corrections just muck things up. I believe in only making corrections n the setup, i.e. distance from the ball, alignment, etc. Those errors can corrupt a swing as the unconscious mind will make corrections for a faulty setup creating swing errors. Once set up correctly, visualization instructs the body to preform the correct movements.

        As Nancy Lopez once said when asked how she fades/draws a ball, “I just think ‘fade’ or ‘draw’.

        Yes, it’s that simple.

  4. Andrew

    So how do you know if your pivot or hand/arm driven? Trial and error?


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