PGA Tour Commissioner, Deane Beman

Most only know him as the predicessor to Tim Finchem. He was a great player. A two time US Amateur Champion, British Amateur Champion and finished second at the US Open.

I am at TPC Sawgrass this week working with Frank Lickliter.

Mr. Beman was practicing out at TPC today and Frank introduced me. He then went off and started hitting 50 yard pithces. I told Frank that was an unreal action for an 81 year old man…even for a 50 year old man.

Frank asked me if I wanted a video, I said yes and he yelled over to the commish if I could come take a video and he said please do.

Mr. Beman came over to where Frank and I were working and talked to us for about an hour. Old stories of the tour, etc…and a great one-liner about Nicklaus that I can’t share…LOL. It was very complementary.

A rant followed about what a good golf swing was all about and he is NOT a fan of the modern swing. He then asked what Frank and I were working on and it was some of the things he said were correct…so he approved of me…LOL.

For those of you familiar with me, when you see his swing below, you will know why I wanted to take a video. I hope my swing at 81 works this well and he regularly shoots his age on the Stadium course.




  1. Bob

    Looked a little Trevino-ish. Thanks for posting it, Monte!

  2. Adam

    I think the commish just finished watching your Reverse the Curse video before heading out to the range.

  3. blacksox

    Loop and Shift……pure…….was Miller Barber out there as well? lol

  4. Kyle

    Remember to take the video in landscape mode next time!

  5. Geoff Dickson

    I don’t think he can get stuck behind with that backlift.


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