Played TPC Sawgrass from one foot in rough tips…

…and nasty pins. Shot 69 and lost by 5. Frank helped me with the putter and add that to figuring some setup issues I have been having with driver and I looked like a professional golfer.

Frank had a setup issue that we fixed while he was driving me from airport to his house…lol.

I have seen him shoot low the last year, just not this easy. Couldn’t have cared less what the actual score was. He moved properly though the ball, with a good setup…but more importantly, he is starting to think correctly with the proper mental approach to each shot.

That is what he has been missing. Through 5 years of struggles with his game, he had lost the mental approach that worked for him during his success. Yesterday was the first time I have seen it. Now it’s about carrying that over to tournament play consistently.




  1. Rich Lerner

    Interesting how the humble brag comes in situations with little on the line yet there is never a mention when an egg is layed at a qualifier.

    • Monte Scheinblum


      I have played two tournament rounds in a year and 8 total rounds this year.

      My two tournament rounds were a miss by one at the Northern Trust qualifier where I tied for 7th among 100+ players and a 76 in a US Open qualifier on a tour level course in the rain and finished in the top 1/3 of the field. Where is the egg?

      I don’t usually allow obvious attempts to get a rise out of me, but you sir are just a troll. Go back to you miserable life and stop trying to make others just as bitter as you are.

      You obviously know nothing about golf. If you search the blog you will find plenty of mentions of me being awful.

      Thank you for being such a jerk that you lowered me you your level. Congratulations.

  2. banner12


    Speaking of TPC, have you heard anything about Tiger and PED’s? Maybe that’s why he’s been hitting the 5 wood 300?

  3. Brett

    I’ve seen Monte play tour level golf (in person), and I think it’s amazing what he’s doing with Frank. Have a great week and weekend, Monte. I’m looking forward to you becoming even more famous when Frank starts winning again.

    • phil

      I’m really glad to hear Frank’s game may be on the turn. I know golf can be a cruel and unpredictable game, but 64 at a course rated like Sawgrass is sounding really promising for him. I’m not so keen on Monte getting too famous though .. I won’t be able to afford a lesson from him if I ever get over to the US!

  4. Robert Evans

    Monte, great to see you playing well. Great to see Frank playing well also. He’s lucky to have you for a coach.


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