Shallow lag versus steep lag

If you pull the handle, ring the bell, etc. to get lag, you are likely steepening the shaft and your body will have to throw away the shaft lean in order to not shank the ball.

If you lead with the body shifting left and the right elbow reconnecting to the body because the shift prevents your hip turn from leaving the right elbow behind…the shaft shallows, your body turns and doesn’t early extend and you get lag and shaft lean as a result.

A technical description of…




  1. Jeff

    A technical description of the Mike Austin swing?

  2. blacksox

    Coordinating motions to P6. Pivot controlled lag. Finding the ideal release point naturally. The inside path. Jimmy Ballard on a rant at a cocktail party. How gravity will help you on the drop in. Functional lag pressure…………. Lateral motion.

  3. bobs34

    Sounds a lot like Harvey Pennick’s mythical magical swing…

  4. bobs34

    Oops, I meant Mythical Perfect Swing…

  5. The Original Brian


    I just want to thank you again for your help over the years. It’s been about 3 years of following your videos (plus you taking the time out of your schedule to answer all my questions) and it’s really nice to have someone who I can fully believe in. I think the confidence in what an instructor has to say is just as if not more valuable than the information itself.



  6. Exilgolfer

    Is that your phone in the background noise of the video 🙂

  7. jaybee

    A very useful explanation, 2 further questions:
    If you come from pulling the handle/ringing the bell, with an accordingly steep first part of the downswing, what exaggerated move(s) can/should you make to bump and dump correctly and get shallower then and there?
    I tried baseball swing/quarter turn (plus) right elbow/biceps horizontally into chest (plus) stay tall- looks better than before, but not quite there yet (shall I try: get elbow in front of right hip that early and high up already?).
    And: for a bellringer, the dump happens naturally (but of course too early).
    Do (can/must) you still conciously dump if you are no longer a bellringer and bumped and semidumped correctly and are thereby on that more correct, shallower, plane/path, or will that also happen automatically- requiring you to only focus on the turn then (which as a bellringer you sofar are afraid of because of your OTT tendencies).


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