Today was awful and great at the same time.

First, I feel like a jerk after what I said about Ed Seay.

I turned at even with two horrible bad breaks that turned into bogey.

The back 9 got away fro me a bit as I was trying to press and make some birdies to make the cut. I had an OB a ball in the water and two three putts for a 39.

I actually did everything poorly and managed to slip enough good shots in.

I just need to play more golf. All of my struggling is directly related to not being comfortable on the course.

147 for two days on these courses is bad, but the room for improvement is huge.




  1. banner12


    I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but trying to make the PGA tour at your age is probably not a realistic goal. If you were 10-15 years younger, maybe, but not now. I think you should be setting a long term goal of the Senior Tour where you would have a huge advantage if you were to qualify. Someone with your length playing against the field all of whom were older would not be the worst scenario.

    You’re right that you need to play more, but more important you need to solidify your new found swing system so it becomes 2nd nature since as you say it does not happen overnight. Over a period of several years you could be looking very good however. And you’d be the new kid on the block.

    Food for thought.

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    No offense taken. I agree with most of what you said. I will not go to Q-school this year unless I have a decent finish in Nationwide event in the next two months. My simplifed swing works great when I actually use it. The issue with players my age not being able to compete are distance and not being able to make short putts. Those are the two best parts of my game. I will start busting out some scores in the next month or 6 weeks and it will be from one day to the next after shooting 77.

  3. Brett Picotte

    Age is just a number if you stay in shape. Just my opinion.

    See you soon.


  4. d.francis

    Thanks for giving us a play by play. Keep at it and you will surely meet your goals. Thanks again Don

  5. Walter

    If you think you can make the PGA tour, go for it. Say you do, and win maybe five times until you retire,
    thats about five milloin bucks, you have to sell a lot of lessons to make that kind of money.

  6. bobinpa

    I hope you make it., Monte.

  7. Peter B

    How much time do you have to practice? I was assuming you have a Tiger like program, a real working day on the course and practice area without distraction of other pros and grannies. I think your talent and length is not enough to get back, you have to add hard work. Maybe this is the downside of having no coach. There is no one who says three buckets more and then a sub zero 9 holes or no dinner!


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