Round 1 yesterday

The first four holes and last two holes I looked like a combo between Ray Romano and Charles Barkley after working with Hank Haney.

The first hole was a 327 yard par 4 and the second hole was a par 5 that I had 3 iron in from the middle of the fairway. Nice par-par start.

Number three was another par 5 and the easiest hole on the course. 505 with no trouble. NICE BOGEY!!!…and on number 4 I snap hooked a wedge left of the green into death by magumbo and made another bogey.

It wasn’t nerves, I just stunk.

I played the next 12 holes 3-under. I had two spectacular up and downs and one really good punch SW under a tree from 90 yards to a couple of feet. Didn’t hit it great, but was solid and was 1-under with two to play.

The only way I could have played 17 worse is if I would have hooked 3 straight drives into Lakwewood Blvd….which was 40 yards left of the fairway. I block sliced my tee shot in the next fairway, block sliced my second shot trying to hook it around a tree, hit a horrible shot from 60 yards to 20 feet, had about as easy a 20 footer as you could have as it funneled to the hole and I left it short. Was lucky to walk away with bogey.

18 is the hardest hole on the course. 450, OB left, water short and left of the green and dead into the wind. I hit my drive off the heel (AGAIN!!!!) down the right side and it got into a bunker about 170 from the pin. The ball was above my feet and on a down slope. I had a lip in front of me and a tree in my way that prevented my from hitting it too high.

Basically, I should have advance the ball about 50 yards, but I went for the hero shot…and almost pulled it off. It barley clipped the tree, so it came up about 20 yards short. I hit a poor chip, but made a 10 footer to finish at even 72.

The golf was really sloppy. I looked like someone who hadn’t played in two years. However, I managed to squeak out a decent round when I did nothing very well but putt. I drove it poorly and my iron play was inconsistency. Chipping was either great or terrible.

I am hoping my swing feels a little more natural on Friday.

PS-whoever did the redesign on Skylinks in Long Beach is a moron. Those greens were atrociously designed. They used to be nice small muni greens if I remember…Like El Dorado’s where the other three rounds are. Now they are 10 acre monstrosities with herds of pachyderms buried in them and small quadrants that are inaccessible for the average golfer. It reminded me of a Ron Fream butcher job.

PPS-Looked it up, it was Cal Olsen. Coyote Hills is another one of his projects. YUCK, what a pile that course is!!!!! Alister Mackenzie and Donald Ross should come back from the dead and haunt this guy…and Ron Fream too…and Gary Player, Johnny Miller and Greg Norman. Throw in Ted Robinson Jr. and Robert Trent Jones Jr. as well. Their dads should be ashamed. Pete Dye needs to take his sons Perry and P.B. out to the woodshed as well… and if Arnold Palmer knew what Ed Seay was doing and putting the King’s name on, he would kick his ass and make him greenskeeper at Bushwood. Maybe we can get Tillinghaust to help Mackenzie and Ross out.




  1. Brett Picotte

    Thanks for the update. Good luck today. I’ll bet it will all come together very soon.


  2. Calvin D

    Cursing the course won’t help. You have to have a plan to play it as it is.
    That’s part of the fun in golf.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Um, Calvin. 😀

      Did you see the term “average golfer” in the midst of my curse? I made no complaints about the course as affecting my round.

      Just like I rail against modern golf instruction as being ridiculous, I find many modern golf course architects have the same issues as modern golf instructors. Way too complicated and fancy.

      • Calvin D

        I mostly agree with that. I have a choice not to play courses I don’t like. Pros have to play courses they don’t like. I guess my “Dave Hill”detector antennae is always up. Sorry.

  3. Walter nizza

    Herbert Hoover once said “PERSISTANCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TRAIT IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS” keep at it you will find your game.

  4. matt

    Keep going Monte.

    I played the absolute worst 9 in my life the other day (14 over); then played the other 9 4 over. The other day I went out and shot 2 over for 9

    And Wine Valley in Walla Walla WA is a beautiful course but has the worst greens I have ever seen. Our tournament argued over what was buried under the greens, Elephants, hippos, Volkswagen’s, Flying saucers….etc. Sad that the course was ruined by atrociously designed greens

  5. carrera

    FYI, Ed Seay passed away, last year I think.

  6. Steve Bishop

    Lots of courses suck, not just because of architects but poor maintenance. Not every place can be Quail Hallow. 🙁


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