Tilt at impact hurts the lower back


I have gotten dozens of emails and responses from people saying that having tilt at impact doesn’t allow you to compress an iron and puts pressure on the lower back.

I have already illustrated why this is wrong for compressing (I hate this term) the ball, now I made a short video showing how tilting at impact actually takes the presume off your lower back and not tilting at impact actually puts pressure on.

Don’t get me started on trying to swing inside out too much with no tilt at impact. Can you say “in traction?”




  1. Wally

    Great post. Tilt at impact, lets see, Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino, Nelson, Player,and Snead, all had a high degree of tilt at impact. Need you say more. However. I believe tilt at impact comes naturally if you swing the club and “LET” it happen. Again, good post

  2. The Original Brian

    My guess is that people are forcing themselves into positions which they believe are correct and are hurting themselves as a result.

    From a young player with a herniated disc and a bulging one (a result of carrying my bag as a kid and hitting too may balls), the type of swing that Monte prescribes doesn’t put any more stress on the lower back than any other swing, and in fact probably much less.

    The only real way to alleviate lower back pain in the long run is to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, back and quads.

  3. Calvin

    I can only speak from personal experience. I am 71, have played for 40 years, tilt at impact and have never experienced lower back pain as a result of a golf swing. Maybe if someone intentionally does the old reverse C that was popular in the 50’s they could hurt their back while tilting. I was always a Hogan admirer so never had any desire for a C finish.

  4. Calvin
  5. Robert Johansson

    Modern swing tends to put pressure on the lower back which then simply put will shorten the career.
    The left heel in the ground, x-factor, faldo and leadbetter all such attempts leads to a loss of dynamic motion and injury down the line.

  6. Jason

    Yes Shawn and Monte have so much in common. Here is another video that relates to Monte’s eyeline description in a slightly different way. Not putting this up the promote another teacher, in fact quite the opposite, it promotes a lot of Monte’s teaching.


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