The PGA Tour is tough place

In what other sport would someone have a performance like Frank did this last week and be stuck in the same category as the unwashed masses the day after?

After his round was over he was really mad. He called me up and was beating himself up over his bogeys on 16 and 17 because he thought he missed the top 10 by one. Turns out he missed by two.

The issues we ironed out last week reared their ugly head on 16 and 17. He hit one left of the grandstand on 16 and made bogey, then hit it in the native area left on 17 and was forced to go back to the tee.

Then proceeded to make birdie for bogey an 17 and birdie 18. How’s that for salvaging the round?

He immediately had to drive to the airport to get to New Orleans for a 7:45 time this morning. I expect he is exhausted after the battle he had in San Antonio. I am hoping he is not too hard on himself if he struggles.

We had a talk on the phone again when he was on his way to the airport and we discussed him getting back to the two simple things we established when I was down there.

I expected him to regain his form at some point, just not so quickly. Winning is often about getting the right break at the right time, but I expect Frank to continue to contend. He has an excellent chance to be a full member of the tour next year by using his opportunities the rest of the year to finish in the top 125.

I know he is not thrilled with having to play the Nationwide Tour next year to be a full member of the tour in 2014, but he will have no problem finishing top 50 on that money list in 2013.

Good luck today Frank.




  1. theMIKE

    I bet he is not a kid betting his fortune in vegas casinos and grown up enough to handle the ups and downs, its only hard to imagine for a mortal weekend golfer to have that amount of play, flying from s. antonio to new orleans, arrive there, get up at night and to play well then. i would be dead much earlier the week.
    I am travelling much, so i know how much strain it puts on you, new hotel, new bed, new environement and much golf in between.

  2. theMIKE

    ps. my most sincere admiration for his and your achievements!

  3. Wally

    Every “PROFESSIONAL” field is like that, be it engineering, or other technical fields, or medical, or science.In any small business you have to be among the best or starve. In any field only the cream rises to the top. Unless of course a Socialist

  4. theMIKE

    Hi Wally, please watch from time to time some another TV channels, maybe some internationals, the one you are watching right now does not serve your openmindedness and factfinding well.

    For me the cream are people which get up in the morning and do all they can to make it through the day, some succeed, some do not even while trying hard.

    People in big cities do not have a potato field on their roof which can feed them if they fail, the only thing remaining are stealing or hoping for others help and that help is not socialism, it is the fundamental of human dignity and deeper bounds of us living in a society together.

    Noone gets to the top at their own and everyone takes on that way something from others. I do not know much about your live experience, but the ones which helped you up to the top should be better there too if you are falling from it, otherwise it is going to be a bloody landing.

  5. Calvin

    Monte, how different is the course Frank will play from Texas? What should he realistically expect to change in his approach?

    Will the field be stronger if he gets in?

  6. Peter B

    DonĀ“t these guys all have a mental coach? I mean you can teach him the swing Monte but you are clearly unsuitable to teach him how to get his mind swinging in a sinus curve.

    • Robert Johansson

      Frank can score. His issues is more with getting the groove of his swing right.
      Mentally he seems fine to me.
      once he has the swing down, it allows him to play the game and that shows his coming back in spite of severe penalty shots early on.
      He dont need much mentally IMHO.

      • Peter B

        Nope sorry, this is not the way you react when balanced mentally after 6 years of nothing and then, lemme check T13 on a PGA Tour event. If you want to get him back and stay there he does need help in this area. And there is absolutely nothing wrong about that.

      • theMIKE

        I think I saw him playing the all new beta wave emitting “Golf Pride for Titleist” golf grips with woven silver fibers, really great stuff, they apparently save the shrink and if it is going to be a stroke or two more, they reduce odors in your hands big time:)

  7. Ron

    Hey, 2 stroke out of 10th has to be a ggod feeling, especially when he is aware of waht he needs to work on. Congrats to the both of you!!

  8. Calvin

    Well he’s tied for third but some good players haven’t finished. 17 pars and a double.

  9. Calvin

    Dang. Kenny Perry is Monday qualifying. Pick him up as a client Monte.

    • BernardP

      Even Lee Janzen had to play the qualifier. It’s often harder to notice the guys who are no longer there.

  10. The Original Brian

    It’s funny how a lot of the guys who post here suddenly think they understand what getting on tour is like and think they can offer good advice.

    I don’t care how good someone is mentally, if there is a fundamental issue with ones swing which doesn’t allow for consistent ball-striking, it will wear you down.

    This is just the beginning of a hopefully successful process which will take months (years?) for momentum to build to the point where he could be successful on tour. The good news is that it looks like he still has confidence in the putter which at this stage will probably be the deal breaker.

  11. Qtlaw88

    Awesome job Frank. I cannot be happier for you Monte. I hope more go to you and leave the poseurs like Harmon. I am a Lickliter fan!!


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