He called me when his round was over.

One of his issues was posture and it led to pulling the handle to get the club left to hit his cut.

It sounded like the wind reverted his posture a bit and he started pulling the handle. He hit a few left and a few off the toe.

He said he felt it and had to keep focusing on correcting his posture and that’s why he was able to finish well.

A short session on the range to get the feel and ball flight right.

He used the cliche “I should be leading” that all good players use when they have a bad stretch of holes and then find it.

I responded, “If I told you last Sunday before you were even in the event that next Sunday you could be 15th would a legit chance to win..”

He said fair enough.

Good luck Frank. You deserve a big finish. I hope he sneaks into the top 10 so he can play next week.




  1. rojoass

    Hopefully he got the gimp round out of the way. I used to watch Franks a few years ago & wonder with a stroke like he had how did he ever miss.

    then I come to my senses & remember if you smoke too much crack everything goes to hell.

    I got a feeling he’ll be ok tomorrow if he just plays golf.


  2. theMIKE

    one hour to go, keepin’ the fingers crossed!!

  3. theMIKE

    back to square one, 2 birds in a row

  4. Peter B

    He really loves Hole 3 and 4 LOL. Hes on the Rail now he will bring home Par or maybe -2 🙂

  5. bab

    -2 now, chip-in or putt from 20yards on 13th

  6. Peter B

    T9 ! Come one Birdie 17 and 18 and you have it!

    • Andrew

      looks like -4 will get it done. FLan club is going bananas!

    • theMIKE

      could you please stop shouting and to distract players on the course! 🙂

  7. Peter B

    damn bogey on 16

  8. Peter B

    and 17

  9. Peter B

    I cant believe it he is one shot short of being T10. I mean its not over but unlikely he gets top10. Still nice return even if the heavy guys were not attending.

  10. T. Peters (Sweden)

    Franks best performance since Feb 06 – 6 loong years! Congratulations to Frank and you Monte!!

  11. HoldTheLag

    The title of this post sounds like the lyrics to a top 50 song.

    • Mike Divot

      “I tol’ my baby to pull my handle
      If she wanted to git my ball flight right
      I tol’ my baby to pull my handle
      to help me score a birdie tonight”


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