Tiger wins again…Edited

The Foley and Tiger lovers can hate on me as usual, but I still don’t see him as being back.

My standard for Tiger to be back is when he wins a major. I am not going to be a fence sitter and say he back if he wins one.

I am of the opinion he is not back to “his” standard right now. I still don’t like his swing. It still requires him to manipulate the club too much to win on a course that doesn’t suit him.

I will be redundant and say he won’t win a major that isn’t at Pebble or St. Andrews.

If he does, I will say I was wrong. Until then, I don’t like this swing for him.

All too often he gets too vertical with the shoulders and because of the dive, he has to save it. That great shot he hit into the 72nd hole was a perfect example.

You don’t have to be a swing expert to see when it happens. The finish looks forced and around where his right shoulder is really high. That is the mirror result of it being to under.

Yes, I know he was trying to hit a big draw and not miss left, but that was just an example that was obvious.

It’s not rocket science. When you spend so little time with your shoulders turning at the same angle, it’s hard to repeat.

That just shows you how good he is. Good enough to win on Tour, just not good enough to dominate majors…or even win them.

EDIT…Before you comment, please make sure you get my point. I am not commenting on Tiger’s excellence as a golfer or how hard he works. That is obviously beyond reproach. I have an opinion that this swing doesn’t suit him. That’s all.




  1. Calvin

    Wait a minute. I really dislike Tiger but you can’t avoid noticing that there were just 12 guys under par at Memorial. How is that different from Major conditions? I saw a lot of nasty shots out of rough but not many that Tiger had to hit. Also it didn’t look like he was diving to me; not like he was in other events. I believe that he is a stain and that he is not going to go away until he beats Jack’s record. Such is life. Rojoass is probably hugging the throne.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Calvin. It is just my opinion that this swing doesn’t suit him and his immense ability and work ethic is over coming it.

  2. Dayo

    Monte… stop being a douche. You, yourself, know how difficult it is to win on the PGA. Rory misses the cut; Phil WD’s ’cause he’s tired… The guy is battling thru a huge swing change and still manages to win. Come on, give some credit where it’s due. I agree, Tiger’s swing is not there yet; he still flips/saves occasionally but, he’s getting there. A PGA tour win is one of the most toughest feats to accomplish. Ask Spencer Levin…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Wow, missing the point on so many levels. No one gives Tiger more credit than I do.

      I am giving him a huge amount of credit for winning again with a swing that doesn’t suit him.

      when he won 6 times one year and giving majors away under Haney, I was criticizing that swing.

      The point. Tiger is winning in spite of this swing, not because of it.

      • Dayo

        What swing does suit him?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Gee, I have only said it here dozens of times…including today.

        One where he actually turns around his spine.

  3. Robert Johansson

    Tiger is a great athlete, superb golfer, but his swing sucks.
    I just wait for the disaster when kids starts to mimic him and drop a leg injury, a back injury, surgery, and so its not good.
    any swing without a natural athletic motion is to hard to just play golf with just ask Frank Lickliter 2.

    S&T and the Foley approach isn’t the next generation swing.
    Its to complicated, a natural motion take a few weeks to establish and a few more weeks to get down and play with, then other things take precedence like attitude.
    I am sick of those modern swing gurus who create injury due to trying to fit the theory to the golfer.

    Tiger isn’t anyone, at 73 wins on PGA tour, and dominating player with 4 majors in a row, he should dominate now also, but he cant due to to much timing dependent swing.

  4. David

    I can’t let that last comment go by so easily. I’m an S+T user, nothing is easier or requires less maintenance, and one of its strengths is that there is absolutely no reliance on timing. And as a 64 year old with a history of back issues, let me assure you that I can play 36 holes with this swing and no problems whatsoever.

    Whether what Foley is teaching Tiger suits him or not I really have no idea – but Tiger knows enough about what he’s doing and he wants to persevere, so that’s good enough for me. Of course he could win with any swing – it’s all down to the putting as usual…..

  5. pcb_duffer

    But didn’t you hear Peter Kostis explaining how the dip & drive swing makes him so great? And he’s on TV, so he must really be a good analyst of the swing. Plus he’s got the BigNameBrand MagicCamera and Telestrator to show the world everything he knows and is trying to talk about!

    Phew, it’s a little distracting trying to type with one’s tongue in cheek. Plus, if Monte, Peter, Johnny, or any of the other guys saw a video of my swing they’d probably say “Wow, this guy needs to go back to bowling because he’ll never be able to play decent golf with that sort of action.” 🙂

  6. Ray

    the problem with internet hacks is the 2D perspective you guys are stuck on. Tiger is “zeroing” everything on Trackman. He is still not there yet, but he’s gonna make it cause he is Tiger Eldrick Woods.

  7. Brandon

    I know this is a week old but I will comment anyway. Tiger is zeroing nothing in. His performance is worse on average than it ever has been. He wins one week and misses the cut the next. To the person who called everyone hacks with a 2d perspective, you sir have only a 1D perspective if you think that what he is doing or moving to is right. He is trying to do Ben Hogan’s swing with his own quirks but he doesn’t know how Hogan swung. The reason this swing doesn’t suit him is that his body can’t effectively do these motions because of age. When you have a recurring injury your body will build scar tissue to make sure it don’t happen again. Tiger’s body is literally trying to fight his swing but his head won’t listen to his body. S+T won’t work for Tiger,not because it is a bad swing or concept, because it won’t allow him to swing as aggressively as he does or wants without consequence. The best S+Ters were not really aggressive through impact and the biggest names that used it have walked away because they couldn’t go any further with the technique and they wanted more. From an anatomical standpoint his motions don’t follow natural athletic laws like it did before he went to Butch. To be honest he was not far off with Butch. I understand he wanted to focus on his plane and he went to Haney because of it but he should’ve went back to Butch afterwards.

    Tiger is doing the opposite of what golf instructors and common sense and physics say do. THE OLDER YOU GET, THE MORE YOU NEED TO MOVE DUE TO DETERIORATION OF THE BODY. No matter how in shape or athletic you are your body will go bad. He has no left knee and he swings into torque on his left knee. Since his left knee can’t take the stress, the achilles has to absorb it now. Then it will be the hip. Sam snead, Tom Watson, Byron Nelson, Mike Austin, Mike Dunaway, Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson, Davis Love III and Greg Norman did, have or are swinging the same way in their older years as they did in their young years with refinement of technique AND NO GAME DISABLING INJURIES. Nobody on the tour except Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson and a few others will be able to swing the way they do now in 30-40 years. Tiger is useless once he hits the mid 40s unless he finds a swing that lets his body move properly and naturally.


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