Getting “unstuck”

It’s simple. If your right hip turns deep enough (up and away from ball) and you have a lateral shift with the lower body to initiate the downswing, that gives you room and time to get the right arm in front of the body and you don’t get stuck.

That’s why these whole restrict the hip turn and swing in a barrel concepts are so bad.

Go try and make a swing where you restrict hip turn and don’t allow lateral hip movement on downswing…and keep your right arm in front of you. Exactly, you can’t. Block and flip city.

The goal of the golf swing is to limit excess movement while not restricting free movement.

That bold statement should be the beginning and end of every book and article on the golf swing.




  1. Joeunc

    I agree but also you have to make sure not to dip that back shoulder. As I can sometimes turn deep on the backswing on plane, initiate the downswing via later shift but still get that right arm and club stuck if I don’t bring that right shoulder back down.

    This thought should match with your thought on right shoulder back down the plane and 90′ turn to the spine angle for 100% “unstuckness”

  2. woody

    “lower body to initiate the downswing, that gives you room and time to get the right arm in front of the body and you don’t get stuck.”

    –I don’t see any 1-2 swings on Tour. Could be that you’re talking about the front half and the back half of a compound move. The front half helps create the back half…and probably vice versa.

    Thats probably why Moe Norman called it the Master Move…not “moves.” (0:32) Moe

  3. sssc (@sssc)

    hey, pro.
    as my on going battle with the driver continues. i find that setting up with plenty of side bend, seems to help take care of the above?

    ty, for the great topics!

  4. Jason

    I agree. Setting up with tilt and maintaining that in the swing really straightens out the drive. I make sure me head stays behind the ball until the followthrough brings it up.

  5. Joe

    have to still make sure we follow your advice on right shoulder down to the ball.
    As I can still get stuck sometimes even with great lateral move and hip rotation if that back shoulder dips, I block it or flip hook it. So, combine about 2 or 3 of your great vids/thoughts and we can all get “unstuck” – Joe

  6. t money

    can you do a video so we can understand what you are saying visually?

    • Calvin

      Yes or create lists of excess movements and free movements. I would particularly like to know the typical movements you consider excess.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Excess movements include, but not limited to…

        1. Extra arm swing

        2. Over rotation to the inside

        3. Lateral hip movement on the bakcswing

        4. Large changes in bend at the waist

        5. Excess head rotation


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