Frank and I had a great conversation yesterday

about his game and it is meaningful to all of our improvement.

Essentially, left is as out of play as it was during the peak of his career.

He found himself being a little lazy mentally because these swing changes are making things easier for him physically.

In other words, he needs to redirect the mental energy he has been wasting on swing crack and direct toward focus on playing the game.

The discussion (and I understand this better than anyone) was about his entire mental approach having to go into 14 swing compensations to keep from hitting a foul ball on every swing.

His new simpler swing doesn’t require all that energy and he relaxed and it killed his focus and led him into mental mistakes he would not normally make.

Sunday, he tried to qualify for the St. Jude Classic. He was 3 over after 6 holes, gave himself a figurative slap in the face for poor focus and ended up getting it back to 1 under and nearly made it.

His US Open 36 hole qualifier was supposed to be yesterday like everyone else, but it was rained out and will be today.

He is really on the right track, he just needs to continue to build his confidence back up to a level that allows him to win again. He is good enough physically.

The US Open is ideal for the way he plays is playing right now. If he gets in, it would not surprise me to see him finished in the top 25-30.

The important part for his future is there is a reshuffle after Memphis this week and as a result of his 13th place finish (about $120,000) at The Valero, he will now start getting in fairly regularly.

That will free him up to play some more good golf.




  1. Dennis Broderick

    I got one tip here that really changed my game and freed me up to play instead of the constant search for what is wrong with my swing. I am a reformed goat humper. I am forever grateful and amazed how often I see it in others now. Thank you!


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