Tiger is officially a goat humper

I do love the Ryder Cup. I watched the War by the Shore this morning. Dave Sr. was captain and Dave Jr. was calling me with updates. That was a fun week for me.

Keegan Bradley…WOW!!!!!

Nicolas Colsaerts…one of the 5 best rounds in the history of golf.

Someone asked me about Tiger’s swing. As I have been saying for a year or two, his shoulder turn is too vertical. I won’t go into the laundry list of problems this is causing him, but I will simplify with it has the club coming in too open to the target line.

When he is hitting shots fairly easy, he is able to save it. The more speed he creates, the worse this problem becomes…the vertical shoulder turn gets away from him and he early extends.




  1. Dave

    Elaborate further on Tiger’s humping?

  2. Dave

    Monte, I’m no technician but what you have described is so simple to see visually, I do wonder if a layman like me can see it, what can’t one of the greatest golfer’s of all time and his renowned coach see it????

  3. casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

    Just because he sees it doesn’t mean he can instantly correct it. Without all of the relevant info, it’s hard to know what they see and are working on. It’s why I hate second guessing coaches and players in any sport. We don’t have the info they do.We have no idea what exactly they are doing. The golf swing is amazingly complex. If it was easy, and we could change something just by seeing it, we wouldn’t have people begging for a video about lifting the left arm.

    • Dave

      In my humble opinion, you have hit on Tiger’s problem and many others in your defence of Foley. You state the golf swing to be complex when it should be simple. In my experience, the more complex you make it, the less chance you have of hitting it well! While I don’t have all the facts/info, observing Tiger at the moment, he comes across as a man making things far too complicated and he is getting in the way of his own talent.

      • casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

        Certainly not a Foley defender, just stating the obvious. If it’s so simple, then how come nobody can do it? It’s not simple. Never has been. It’s complex, with a ton of variables that must be accounted for. We don’t know what they are working on. Maybe the shoulder turn is # 9 in a list of 15 things to correct, and they are only on #7. Who knows?

        • Monte Scheinblum

          That’s a fair statement. It’s just my opinion it should be #1.

  4. SocalBo

    Monte – Can you do a video on this? I’m interested since quite a few instructors advocate a steep turn and want the left shoulder pointed at the ground.



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