Left arm rotation

People have been asking me what I mean by more left arm rotation and how does that differ from rolling the wrists or forearms.

Here you go.

Stand straight up and down and extend your left arm away from you with your palm down and your left elbow pointed left of you. Now rotate your arm so the back of your left hand is pointed left of you and your elbow is pointed down.

That is the move that will keep you connected and give you a gradual release.




  1. Dave Dunlop

    if you were to hold your arm out, back of left hand to target and elbow down, that rotating the palm down and elbow away from u is the rotation that should occur in the takeaway / backswing?

  2. Joeunc

    I had the same question, are you talking about the rotation going back to shallow the club or are you talking about actively rotating the left arm on the downswing?

    I thought we wanted to stay connected and just turn, and let the pivot bring the connected arms around?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      the rotation I am talking about occurs in the downswing and it happens naturally if you don’t hold lag, swing too far inside out, etc.

  3. MSGolfer

    Another question here Monte, I get that you are supposed to feel that rotation throughout the swing, but I’ve heard from a few places at impact you want your left elbow pointed at the target (with the caveat point in time references in a golf swing can be confusing). Personally I have worked on it because if you get your elbow pointed straight down at impact that’s a recipe for golfer’s elbow. Is that accurate?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I disagree you want your left elbow at target at impact. That is a path too far to the right and an open club face.

      You want the elbow pointed toward your body, not down.

  4. calvin

    I think this happens naturally if you don’t manipulate and that trying to consciously do it is manipulation.

  5. John

    This rotation seems to move the left shoulder away from the chin ever so slightly. That meshes with another of Monte’s recent posts.

  6. Mike Z

    OK, I have been wondering about this for a while and I’m finally going to ask as it is on-topic with the post:

    At address, are there “correct” and “incorrect” positions regarding how the left arm is rotated? For example, if you grip a club squarely in your left hand, and hold it out in front of you before bending into the correct posture, should your elbow be pointed straight down at your left foot? Or rotated inward so the elbow points at the ground outside of the left foot?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The answer is there is really no such thing as correct. Whatever gets the club in position for you personally to hit it.

  7. Billyd


    Any suggestions on how to rotate the right forearm (different swing thought) without dumping all of the leverage?

    If I am not carefull I pull the handle hard instead of rotating the left forearm hard.


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