The object of the release is to…

…connect the club face rotation to the rotation of the body.

Try and make slow practice swings by float loading, holding lag, pulling the handle, casting, swinging inside out, etc….and connect the rotation of the face to the rotation of the body.

Imagine how hard it would be to do this while making a full swing at the ball.




  1. IPM

    Just went outside to try this and wow what a difference. This coupled with left arm lift (in sync with shoulder turn of course) has really helped me. You need a “donate” button.

  2. exilgolfer

    Maybe this is just a misconception by us high handicappers. What we want is getting the hands in front of the ball at impact like we can see in all the slow motion videos of the pros. What many think to do in order to achieve this is “hold the lag”. But I guess it is more about the turn and the timing that achieves it. Maybe you can go into that topic a little bit more…


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