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  1. Robert Johansson

    Frank lacks consistency.
    He miss 2 to 4 GiR every round which cant be taken back even as a good putter and chipper. when he closes that gap but that IMO has nothing to do with technique.

  2. bab

    Is this an exaggerated move for people who take it way inside/not lifting? I cannot find anyone with a position like that when the arm is parallel (including yourself from a video 3months ago).

    Seems also that only part of your arm is parallel to the ground since it is slightly bent (not inline with your shoulder).

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I get too inside and am working on this move right now.

  3. jaybee

    Great. Compared it to my swing and that is exactly where things seem to go wrong, although my start/takeaway seems OK, but from 8 o’clock to left arm parallel the lift is missing, ditto the shoulder turn = left shoulder dip, instead the left shoulder turns=sways too horizontal and thereby sucks the club inside and the across the line at the top. The alignment rod/club across the feet really helps to figure that out. Yadaman- many thanks!

  4. exilgolfer

    What’s up with your voice? Had a rough night? 🙂
    On a more serious note: Thanks for the video clarifying it. I think, this whole lifting arm advice will become my no.1 swing advice for the 2012 season. It has been great to play and practice with those thoughts in mind.

  5. Robert Hebert

    One of your all-time most valuable videos.

    Thanks, Monte!

    • Cal


  6. woody

    What do you mean, “…after Frank wins again”? You’ll already have half of the credibility after you win the Re/Max.

    Pause this at about 0:30. Is that enough “lift” for you? (6:14) 2011 Re/Max part 8

  7. exilgolfer

    Monte, please have a look at my video and tell me, how I can transfer the swing of my practise swings into a real swing? Any other advice is welcome, too 🙂 Please feel free to use the video to make a case in your blog.

  8. Jason

    It’s because you are making the ball you’re target. Make the ball blurry in your vision and swing at the target. The ball just has to be “in the way” of the swing.

    • exilgolfer

      If it only was that easy. I am trying all this little “tricks”.


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