Now of course it is not this simple…but if amateur golfers make a list of things they want to do…

Avoid over the top, compress ball, more power, etc…

One thing that is common in good swings that produce these things that higher handicap and inconsistent golfers don’t have…

Separation between the left shoulder and chin to start downswing and it increases throughout downswing.




  1. Mofsman

    Annika and David D lets the chin rotate with the left shoulder. Alex Morrison and Jack points it behind the ball and tries to keep it there. Tom W tries to keep the left shoulder low and separates the left hip away from the shoulder. David L says the same as Monte. Some folks secret is to bring the left shoulder straight up. Others swear by hitting the ball with the left shoulder or putting it in the left pants pocket. I’ve tried to move my left shoulder in every dimension and speed there is, thinking about 100 diverse things and nothing makes me better. No wonder you can’t’ stop playing.

  2. Jack Boutton

    Monte, I know this is an older post, just wanted to add that I tried this feeling of left shoulder/ chin separation and it is amazing. I have always had hands and arms trailing my body in the swing (probably waaayy too long BS lol) I don’t play/ practice as often due to work and family etc… and feel like recently I lost some “zip” on my swing and kind of wiping at it a bit. Even shots that feel solid didn’t seem to have much “character” for lack of a better term. Just simply focusing on separating the left shoulder from the chin on the downswing (and changing nothing else, intentionally that is)gave me back the “zip” I was lacking and letting me just rip the ball! It feels like I get through the ball so much better, and hit it very straight, where before I struggled wiping it a bit, not hitting it solid, and blocking shots to the right. Just want to say thanks, this small thought turned my ball striking around IMMEDIATELY! Again, THANK YOU!!! Just wish winter wasn’t knocking on the door here in NE Ohio!


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