Looks like I still have it.

I competed in my first real long drive contest in 15 years today (Saturday).

I was the #1 qualifier in the preliminary rounds, hit the longest drive of the day (381) in the semi-final and lost in the final to Vince Ciurluini 375-373.

Vince has finished 2nd at the last two Remax World Long Drive Championships in Mesquite.

I don’t want to sound like the typical turd who says he didn’t have his A game, because I did hit very well. I filled up the grid. What I will say is I was getting my upper body in front of the ball and hitting the ball slightly low and in the heel.

The point is not to make an excuse for losing, Vince was great and deserved to win and I am thrilled with how well I did. My point is I have room to improve before Mesquite in 3 weeks.

For you numbers guys, there was a Trackman there and I topped out at 130 mph club speed and 193 ball speed. That being the case, I am easily capable of putting up 135 and 200.

I also learned alot about the setup of my club. I had a lighter shaft in a 6 degree and a heavier shaft in a 5 degree driver. I got more club and ball speed with the lighter shaft and the same launch angle, but the 5 degree spun less. One might say the lighter shaft caused the higher spin, but I read the numbers and felt the shafts…the lighter shaft flexes the same, but the lower loft always produces less spin.

Thanks to Steve Pratt for answering all my questions…it helped a great deal to have the Trackman there to adjust to optimum levels.




  1. woody

    “I filled up the grid.”

    –If that means that you didn’t hit a bunch of banana balls, off the grid, that’s great.

    If I recall correctly, Joe Miller only got one in the grid when he beat Dominic Mazza. But, you won’t have to face those guys, maybe David Mobley.

    I hope you win, so we can get some decent video of your swing …and the publicity will help your guru career.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The more balls you hit it the grid, the better chance you have of getting a big bounce.

      I believe I hit more than half of the balls over 360.

  2. calvin

    Have you mastered your hulk out, growl and yell after a big hit? 😉

  3. North

    Get your ball speed up 10mph and you shouldn’t be playing in the seniors.

    You are nailing it Monte – keep it up and make the improvements you know to make.

  4. Jason

    Congrats Monte. I hope you win the ReMax and when they interview you and ask how you did it, you tell them I made a slow release from the top tried to avoid holding the lag. LOL.

  5. banner12


    Are you competing in both the open and the Senior in 3 weeks?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      B12, as dumb as this might sound, I had no idea I could still hit the ball that far when I tried. If I had known, I would have tried to qualify for the open division. Three of the guys I beat soundly did.

      My 381 drive was only 7 yards short of the winning longest drive of the day in the open division.

      I have no chance of winning at this point, but could have been competitive.

      Maybe if I train all of next year instead of a few weeks, I might have a better chance.

  6. beenthere

    I think you’re under estimating the competition in the the senior division and its ludicrous to even think of the open division. I have your numbers and have had that speed and a little more for 5 years. Along with launch around 12-13 and spin at 2000 and the best I have done is 11th. I think it would be an accomplishment if you made it past Sunday. Good luck gaining 7 mph ball speed in 2 weeks also.

    • Brett

      What’s your name, beenthere? Just curious.

  7. Brett

    That’s great, Monte. Good luck in Mesquite. Adrenaline is your friend. 🙂


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