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  1. kernal

    Now lets get back to the Euro’s (minus Rory) missing putts when they really matter.

  2. jaybee

    Thank you. I am still shell shocked. Shows what a funny game we play and love and that it all seems to equal out over time- e.g. Kaymer making up for Langer’s miss and a bit like Chelsea – Munich in May.
    IMHO, there is no soul searching to be done at all by you Yanks- an all around fine performance by each player and even the spectators in general – lady luck just wasn’t on their side this time.
    Personally, I would like to see the RC return even more to its sole sportsmanship roots at the expense of its current commercialisation and pseudo-patriotism.
    That would also incorporate the choice of more subtle clothing- would you wear raspberry coloured shoes and gear if you had to pay for it?- and an extension and incorporation of the other 3rd of the world at the expense of the PC- but then, I am also a proponent of a World Tour….
    Btw, I am a golf nut and I played competitive team golf incorporating foursomes and fourballs myself, but IMHO, while it’s exciting for the players and on course spectators, that part of the RC was and is utterly boring to watch on TV, primarily as it’s been played so slow- and that is regardless of who’s up in them.
    I am also not in favour of the xxxk$ joining fee or otherwise discriminating country clubs in the US hosting professional events, but when I see Medinah, I already feel the need to apologize in advance for the choice of that Gleneagles course strategically.
    The Welsh joke needs no further elaboraton in that regard, the former potato field was at least cutting edge at the time and it was and still is fun due to its on premise night club…
    So, when you lick your wounds, consider that you all did a good job and that it might just have been a bit unfair as we played with 13 players this time- as one day you will.
    Good Luck at the Remax Monte- hoping for a youtube vid on one of those big hits 2.

  3. woody

    That was the biggest upset in sports since Brian Pavlet’s ball landed out-of-bounds, then bounced in to beat Monte.

  4. pcb_duffer

    Re: Ryder Cup courses – Europe has nothing to be ashamed of; the next US site is Hazeltine. Really? That cow pasture is the best the PGA of America could do?

  5. theMIKE

    all in all, it was a competition totally living up to the spirit of the game on the players side.

    Besides that, I did not understand why tiger did’nt gave Francesco his putt, just to miss his own then, hopefully Tiger will grow his small feet to fit one day the size of shoes Jack left standing. Google Nicklaus, Jacklin, Ryder Cup 1969.

    Phil comes closer and closer..

    • IPM

      Jack’s Ryder Cup record isn’t exactly Stellar.

      • theMIKE

        But he is a true gentleman, Phil is a class act too and gets better with age.

    • jaybee

      I think you are wrong. It would have been Francesco’s turn to concede and repeat Jack’s gesture from 1969- DK whether he discussed that with Ollie.

      • jaybee

        Edit- he did and wanted to, but Ollie was the one who insisted- go figure.
        Tiger actually conceded Francesco’s putt- to the bookies dismay/cost.

  6. Andrew from Belgium

    Ole ole ole!!

    Just unbelievable – especially Poults and Rose (Two truly amazing putts on 17 & 18). It was that magic that got everyone going and increased the team’s belief.

  7. Wally

    to watch Phil and Justin play like the gentlemen they were was refreshing

  8. calvin

    Our two short knockers (Z. Johnson and Dufner) did good.
    Plus D. Johnson out bombed another bomber.
    It looks like parity for a decade. So it’s 50/50 in the future.

  9. meateater

    I enjoyed the competition tremendously. I thought the sportsmanship was very good, and it is crucial that both sides make an effort to emphasize it in the future. We don’t need the event to turn into ugly jingoism, whihc it did do at one time. As golfers, we have to value sportsmanship over winning. It is not WW III.

    I thought the crowds were great. They were enormous, as large as any I can recall at any golf event, and respectful. You had to love the way Bubba encouraged them to go nuts while he teed off. I wish he had done it on every hole. It’s supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

    You had to love the way Duff played. He is the opposite of everything the Tour’s marketing geniuses want, a fat guy with zero emotion, yet he is quickly becoming one of the most popular players among ordinary fans. The Johnson boys, Mr. Long and Short, both have what it takes. Too bad someone had to lose, but that’s why they keep score.

  10. Robert Johansson

    Not setting woods as first out is and was the major mistake Love did do.
    He would have won his match with proper motivation.


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