The Wedge video is ready




  1. Jake G

    Sweet, I was waiting for this!

  2. Joeunc

    Already downloaded Monte! Big thanks for all you do, I know it takes time and effort and I really appreciate it.


  3. donald wilkinson

    Great job Monte!

  4. Peepee

    Got it, watched it, loved it.

    Long irons/driver next please.

  5. Andrew in Belgium

    Great stuff Monte. I surely need to keep that pitch swing short. Especially like the idea of keeping that right shoulder going outwards – nice for more room to swing.

    Will try it out at the weekend.

  6. TT in MA

    Great videos Monte. Just watched short game and wedges. Great concepts and explanations that make things seem so simple. Nice job elaborating and clarifying many of your concepts that you have talked about on Golfwrx and youtube.

  7. Jordan

    Hey Monte, I gotta say, you’ve out done yourself. This new video is fantastic and you should be very proud.

    Everything made so much sense that I had to challenge myself to come up with questions for you. I could only muster one.

    In the section on ‘turning the club up’. You advised to turn the club up with your shoulder rotation. Essentially this is turning the shoulders steeper or more vertically, relative to the plane they are initially set on, right?

    I know you mentioned that turning the shoulders too horizontally gets the club into a bad position. Is turning the shoulders too vertically less of a cardinal sin?

    My guess is yes. When I make swings of my own alternating between overly vertical and overly steep I see how the club can just fall back into the slot on the vertical rotations but on the horizontal ones the club gets stuck and would have to come over the top.

    So if we can conclude that rotating the shoulders overly vertically is a much safer and more recoverable mis-step, would it not be viable to purposely rotate them ever so vertically on all of our swings and let everything fall back into the slot?

    Essentially, it would be a way to play on the safe side of the fence. If someone tries to walk the fence (rotate shoulders perfectly on plane) its easy to fall onto the wrong side (too horizontal). But by being slightly vertical from the get go, you are guaranteed to say on the right side of the fence.

    Or should we just learn to walk the fence better?

    Or is all of this nonsense?

    Thanks so much for your insights. Money well spent.

  8. dtrance

    Whats next in the Monte video series?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      How to hit shots.

      Draws, fades, hooks, slices, high, low, ball above feet, ball below feet, fairway bunkers, rough, etc.

      • dtrance

        I think a Monte’s fundamentals, common faults/fixes would be huge preceding those specialty shots.

      • MSGolfer

        I’d pay some serious cash for a ‘functional’ driver video from you. In all seriousness, phenomenal wedge video Monte, your description of lowering spin loft for effective spin is some of the best instruction I’ve found. It instantly helped.

  9. Jared

    This is the best golf instructional video that I’ve ever seen. So many good concepts in simple terms. Great job. You should be charging more, it’s worth 5x.
    Any plans for a driver video and/or proper setup to the ball for different clubs (ball position, distance from ball, spine tilt, weight distribution) ?

  10. Brendan

    Another great video thanks Monte

    Occurs to me that the right shoulder motion would also ensure your right arm keeps moving on chips?

  11. Bill B

    Great video very easy to follow


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