The cause and effect of why amateurs are having so much trouble getting better.

1. Skill, hard work and mostly innovations in equipment allow PGA Tour players to do kinesthetically and kinematically unsound movements and hit great shots and shoot low scores.

2. Amateurs logically assume the best players are doing things that they should aspire to do.

3. Equipment innovations alone are not enough to overcome the unorthodox/inefficient moves.

4. Amateurs struggle.

Solution. Admire PGA Tour players for their greatness playing the game and look at their swings in the same way as you would not copy the shooting motion or dunking style of an NBA player.




  1. golfercraig

    You’re reading my mind. I tell my customers all the time–quit trying to get in Rory’s position. You also can’t get into Lebron James dunking position. Golfers are funny. Nobody EVER says “I’m 25 and in great shape. I’m going to work out hard, train for speed, and then go try out for the Steelers to play cornerback.” But golfers think they can just be as good as pros. I think it’s because 95% of golfers have never, and will never, play with anyone that can actually play. They think the guy shooting 74 from 6500 yards with a gimme or 2 is close to tour level.

    • david carter

      I think both of you are wrong.My swing was horrible until I started practicing swinging dry with no ball trying to get into certain positions and it works .I was doing a golf drill 1000 times a day without hitting a ball for thirty days and now im in the correct position naturally.So if you work hard to train your muscles you can achieve these position

      • golfercraig

        No. It doesn’t work. What is your handicap? How much did you improve? I know a guy who smoked 2 packs a day, and he lived to be 96. Smoking is good for you.

    • Sam

      Comparing pro golf to pro football is laughable. The physicality and athleticism needed to play as a professional in football is VERY high. While golf requires good hand-eye coordination, you definitely don’t need anywhere near the same amount of athletic ability.

      I will agree with you on most people not realizing how good pros are especially when playing just a casual round.

        • Zack

          I agree with Monte, my buddy has a legit shot to play some pro golf, not quite PGA tour, but could come close if he develops his short game more. And I am a single handicap player, and I cannot swing and be in the positions he is, and accept it and don’t try to emulate it. I do what is best for me, not someone of his caliber, and he isn’t even a PGA pro, just an 18 year old.

      • golfercraig

        That attitude right here is why amateurs think they can become great. You clearly haven’t been around top-level athletes in any sport, especially golf.

  2. Frank

    It’s much simpler than that- the low spin easy to hit straight ball allows
    for good results from horrific swings.

    Just imagine if all those high spin/high launch casters had to play with a balata!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Neil

    Also…golf is hard. Much to my chagrin.

    Thankfully I can come see you every few weeks – and like I said, if I ever win the lottery I am moving you to San Diego, whether you want to or not.

  4. mcdowell

    I think amatuers dont emulate the pros enough. Meaning, they wont try to find out what works, by imitating players. Instead they put more faith in what might work, with minimal effort which is where manufacturers and quick tips come in. For many amatuers even private lessons are no more than quick tips because they dont actually ingrain the new technique.

  5. pcb_duffer

    The fundamental problem, as I see it: Pro athletes, of whatever sport, simply have eye-hand coordination and motor skills which are several standard deviations to the right of those of a stock human being. I could put in the famous 10,000 hours, and in so doing would certainly get better. But I simply can’t always make my body move in exactly the right way. As a result, every once in a while I’m still going to unleash my patented hybrid FurykWadkins swing, and the results aren’t going to be pretty. So I’d be better off taking Monte’s advice, finding what works for me, and accepting my limitations.

  6. Jim

    What wrong with pretending you swing like Rory or Adam Scott? We used to pretend that we were Richie Scheinblum or Hank Aaron when we were kids.

    • pcb_duffer

      In my case, the problem is that I’ve had my knees cut 11 more times that Adam & Rory, and have a minor degree of scoliosis in my back. My body simply won’t do the things their will, and certainly won’t do so repeatably.

  7. FrenchA

    Hi Monte,

    I just wanted to comment your point number 3. With the irons clubs more and more forgiving, I would say the result is quite the contrary of what we should expect… I am explaining, I bought a set of irons two years ago from a very well known brand I always liked, at first, I must admit that this forgiving tools impressed me a lot, so easy to play and I gained immediately 10 to 15 yards with each club. But with the time, I realized the feeling was not there, like if you were hitting the stick but no feeling of the impact. I recently bought a new set of forged “semi-blade” irons and was afraid I could not play with them, but what a feeling when you strike it in the sweet spot ! And I realized then that on my bad shots, I had an immediate feedback of what was wrong in the swing, so you have to correct it and not to be lure by a “so so” good shot with the big tool that is the result of a wrong movement and that could convince you did it right. Sounds clear for you ?

    PS : Forgive my english, not my mother tongue.


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