1. Joeunc

    Did Phil paypal you $20?

  2. ghpennington

    Curious about really firm conditions e.g. muni golf hard pan. I have found that trying to use the bounce in these conditions produces a high percentage of bladed shots. The bounce makes the clubhead bounce into the equator of the ball. Unless you’ve got some room to get “under” the ball, it seems to me that you would be better with no bounce. Your thoughts, Monte?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Bladed shots are from a right (rear) arm stall. Firm conditions shouldn’t matter all thy much.

      Tilting spine forward to steepen angle out slightly can help if it’s really firm and you have a really high bounce wedge.

  3. mukster

    I have been practicing this using my 54* wedge with 9* bounce off a hard , worn golf mat. I also open up the face, exposing more bounce. As long as you don’t stall the right hand, the contact is crisp and I still get some great backspin, even with the worn range balls.

  4. Jake G

    Watching Live From Masters and Brandel was talking about Kuchar’s technique for chipping. He said that “the left arm rides up his left side like pulling a lawnmower chain” He then went on to say that “this allows the right wrist to hold the angle and use the bounce”? Correct me if I am wrong Monte but this sounds absolutely incorrect to me. It sounds more like he is trying to combine the good old “hinge and hold” technique and the “using the bounce” technique? I’ve never liked this arrogant dude and I don’t think he really understands the golf swing as well as Nobilo seems to.

  5. Pat

    Phil, should have credited you for that tip……you got robbed!


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