I am just appalled…no, I’m pissed.

Nutritionist Catherine Tallmadge criticized Bubba Watson for going to Waffle House to celebrate his Masters victory.

In her mind it set a bad example for Americans.

I have not been this angry in a long time. I am really tired of this type of judgmental crap. He did nothing illegal, he wasn’t having orgies with porn stars and hookers, didn’t get drunk and do something stupid.

He ate some junk food. People need to mind their own F-ing business.

She needs to make a wheatgrass smoothie and use it to give herself an enema.




  1. T. Peters

    Those fundamentalists are a tiresome lot.

  2. jason

    Agreed 100%.

    That said, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one – and a lot of them stink.

    Kudos to a great family man, a great father and a great golfer. If his celebration is smothered, covered and diced, more power to him!

    Compare that to some other golfers out there – who will remain nameless – and this is mild.

  3. Ed

    Agree – congrats to Bubba, hope he had em smothered & covered! As for the nutritionist, she was probably going to do that wheatgrass smoothie treatment anyway as part of her daily “regimen”.

  4. Bill B

    That’s what I like about Bubba he lives his own life says what’s on his mind. Gary player is mr fitness but supposably had a bag of snickers in his bag. To each his owb

  5. Jared

    Agreed. This country as a whole would be a lot better off without this “If I don’t like it, you can’t have it or do it either.” mentality.

  6. Steve Pratt

    I guess she’s never celebrated anything before.

  7. Lawrence

    Tell us how you really feel, Monte!

  8. Drew Peacock

    If young Caleb picks up on dad’s eating habits, he will be so addled by diabetes and obesity that he’ll never be able to play a round of golf with his papa. We need more awareness raised when our supposed “role models” try to make this whole redneck diet thing look cool. Tallmadge was spot on as usual. The real shame is that giant corporations like Waffle Hut are allowed to poison people people and never face prosecution.

    • Drudixon

      I love waffle house. Eat there every month or two. The issue is less the food and more about balanced macros and hitting calorie targets. I’m currently 6′ 183 lbs at roughly 9 or 10 percent body fat. Blood markers are good.

      Point being you can get fat eating anything if you don’t eat balanced and don’t exercise. Don’t blame the companies, blame the people with no self control.

    • Michael

      Your logic is amazing. God help you if you eat a single unhealthy thing in your life, because the diabeetus will rain down upon you.

    • CM

      Agree with Drew. Everybody knows that people are not smart enough to make there own decisions. The government should regulate them for us including the corporations. Soylent green for us all.

    • Johnny D

      Last I checked, My peaCOCK, this is America, and people still have a choice to live the life they want, how they want, and when they want.

      Here is Bubba, a man so sensitive he can’t keep from crying when he wins, but that uniqueness is not good enough for you?

      Dollars for donuts (and I LOVE my DIABETES-DRIVEN donuts), most people would take a man who has heart, determination, guts and the ability to wear his emotions on his sleeve as a Role Model more than some ASS who forgot LIVING is what you do when you are ALIVE.

      As fae as I am concerned, you need the very same enema Monte was discussing above.

  9. Calvin


    Beauty, Monte. Can’t add to that.

  10. Jordan

    Christ, at least he isn’t banging the waitresses like Eldrick, Besides those waffles are pretty darn tasty.

  11. Bret

    Wait, so your judgmental BS (orgies with pornstars) is OK, but this other person’s judgmental BS (poor food choices) is bad?

    • wedgeofgod

      judgement is ‘good’ as long it is the ‘right’ kind of judgement.

  12. north


    How dare you call Steak & Eggs junk food.

  13. wedgeofgod

    And if he was having orgies with porn stars and hookers, what would be so wrong with that?

  14. Mike M.

    Well said, Monte…and if the nutritionist indeed does administer an enema unto herself, may the wheatgrass be spiked with Habanero seeds.


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