The swing works from the ground up.

The lower body leads.

The hips turn first.

Bump, dump and turn.

Yes, all true.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEVER…………………Misconception #1473…

The arms and hands are passive and along for the ride.

Guess what that produces. Stuck, contact behind the ball, upper body toward target, cast, path too far right, stall, flip, etc.

The ground up and lower body leading are taken too literally and it is over done. It’s all about sequence.

What happens if you are driving a manual shift car and you fire the clutch ad let it go before you shift? GRIND THOSE GEARS. That is the same thing that happens in a golf swing when you fire the hips laterally or around too early and/or too hard (too much) and leave the arms behind.

The golf swing should be about the happy medium and instruction has become let’s find what’s good and do more of it…or in what gives me ulcers, let’s do the opposite of bad.

Cast-Hold the lag
Over hip rotation-resrict hip turn
Over the top-swing to right field

…and on and on…

What would you call someone who decided being a Communist wasn’t his bag and decided to become a Fascist?




  1. Paul K

    Could not agree more. Been there with the casting, flipping and getting stuck. I used the 50yd drill from your video to synch things up and it helped a lot. Also after this and seeing a comment on WRX from iteach about many amateurs having arms which are to slow I tried the arm swing/body reacts approach (M Bender et al). Funny thing is the more I do that the more the lower body works.

    As you point out Monte it’s the either/or mindset. Came across this 20 years ago when doing an MBA and read a book called The Art of Japanese Management. Either/or thinking is the Western approach – and/also is the Eastern approach.

    You have become the and/also thinker in golf coaching.

  2. Jake Gilmer

    Thanks for sharing this. Answer to your question…..our current President?

    • daveydo

      is this the place for political BS?

  3. Shawn

    I may have fell for that one lol I’m just barely started to understand the feel you where talking about. Thanks Monte. Shots are a lot crisper and the swing feels smoother.

  4. north

    What would you call someone who decided being a Communist wasn’t his bag and decided to become a Fascist?

    Mr. President?

  5. Calvin

    A Fashionista?

  6. Paul

    Monte–pop the hips to start the ds and one is toast. Yes. Don’t you think if you start the change of direction with a right knee flex this gets the left hip to bump properly and you’re on your way. I do think that today’s modern lightweight gear doesn’t encourage this knee flex and it becomes a throw. There’s no feel anywhere certainly not in the hands and because one can’t feel any pressure building it becomes a big timing experiment. There’s a reason some guys (like Tiger) practice w persimmon drivers, heavier gear.

  7. Eric

    Hey, I inspired this rant!!

  8. Joeunc

    yep great points, I like to not think of it as bump then dump then turn
    but instead bump AND dump then turn, so the bump and dump are the same time so the arms don’t lag

  9. Don Lissen

    “The arms and hands are passive and along for the ride.”

    Not quite. For a right-hander, I like what Moe Norman said: “My RIGHT hand is just along for the ride.” But that doesn’t mean that it had no function. It’s radar. It tells your brain how to work your body, to release the right hand into the ball. Hence, hand-eye coordination.

    LEFT hand? Moe said, “My left hand is pulling so hard.” But, it must have been because the left hand was moving with the whole left side of his body.

    My motto: often wrong, but never in doubt.


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