Tech talk and the golf swing.

In every field there are academics and there are practical applicators.

Academics do the research and interpret the data to those that can use it properly.

You don’t see medical researchers prescribing medicine or doing surgery.

In golf, way too may academics are teaching golf.




  1. birly-shirly

    Of all the professions, medicine is probably the worst analogy you could take to make your point- but I don’t disagree with what you’re saying with respect to golf.

    Curious though, are you really talking about people engaged in peer-reviewed, professionally published research, or just the screaming multitude of internet-enabled armchair theorists?

  2. fastfade

    In my unqualified opinion,it’s not one or the other, it’s about achieving the end goals – a partnership between the Researcher, Instructor & Golfer working together to improve the Golfer & golf instruction.

  3. Don Lissen

    “Way too many academics are teaching golf.”

    BINGO! It’s not that a researcher has to be a scratch player, but their research is in the Dark Ages.

    Golf uses the entire body. The research is all about bits and pieces, with very little thought about how they work together or how to think about it.

    Yes, I’ve read some of the “scientific” research papers, and they’re all deeply flawed, sometimes counter-productive, and none have produced anything useful. Bio-mechanics is all mechanics with no bio.

    T.W.’s new coach studies bio-mechanics. I predict disaster. If this is the best he can do, and if T.W. tries to implement it, (LINK below) I’ll go out on a limb and predict a WD in T.W.’s first tournament.

    [DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing any website that I use as a source for photos.]

    • Chris

      Personally, I find the study of bio-mechanics to be helpful.

      I had a high hands backswing, steep downswing, lots of width, but not a lot of power, fade biased ball flight. At its best, never missed a fairway, but irons came up short. At its worst, I sliced it off the planet with everything.

      I wanted a more natural swing, not the mechanical monster I was playing with. Enter Bio-Mechanics. I did all the tests, and for me height/wingspan/arm folding tendencies/forearm length, etc…..I determined that I had a Mid Plane BS / Mid Plane DS. Using this lower swing plane combined with a massive dose of Monte has transformed my swing, ball flight and repeatability. My GHIN dropped 3 points in 2 months before the lockout.

      Once I get some in person instruction with Monte on my transistion, I think I will have caught my personal dragon. Anyway- based upon my experience, there is merit to merging natural tendencies and body type to the golf swing.

  4. Lawrence

    Pragmatism + Brevity = Success


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