Hand Path

This is going to sound complicated, but it’s not.

Left’s look at the takeaway from a down the line view as a clock.

The biggest issue I see among golfers is that low and slow takeaway, where the arms and hands get behind the body immediately off the ball. That is a 7:30 takeaway. NO BUENO.

The problem is when I tell people the left arm needs to work up more, they end up pushing the hands away from them. That is a 1:30 takeaway. NO BUENO.

Then you have the people who want to widen to the arc and they extend so far away in the initial takeaway, it pulls their head down and the hand path goes low and away….or to 4:30. NO BUENO.

In the video below, I should have explained this concept better, because I have had people with the low and inside takeaway, come to me after trying to implement that video. Their hands work up fine but out too much (1:30). The video was to show the low and slow people there is some up in the backswing and people think it’s out as well.

You want the hand path to work toward 10:30. UP AND IN.




  1. Jake G

    Thanks for this clarification Monte. Just to clarify where the hands should be at left arm parallel backswing or as the TGM’s call P3. Is it better to have them above your toe-line, or should they be deeper more towards the heels? I feel like I am too much out over my toes causing me to not get enough depth at the top

  2. Roy

    Having students think about where their hands are means that they’re less aware of where the club head is. Club head awareness is where it’s at.

  3. Don Lissen

    “The left arm needs to work up more.”

    It can’t if the right side of the body is in the way.

    In your ideal motion, using hips as an indicator, they got turned about 45ยบ from the address position.

    Your motion incorporates what it takes to get out of the way, allowing your left arm to swing.

  4. Mark

    I don’t understand the relation of the clock face in your example.

    • Jake G

      Mark, in the clock example that Monte is referring to here 12 o’clock is basically your target or general direction that you are aimed and you are standing on the fulcrum point of the hands. Hope this helps

      • Mark

        Still not sure. If 12 is the target I visualize the ball at 3. In this scenario I don’t see the hands going to 1:30 at all. I can’t visualize this and take in account for all the scenarios stated, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:30.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Jake Gilmer

          Sorry Mark, didn’t mean to add confusion to Monte’s post here. I understood what he was talking about as I have had several lessons with him now. I should have read the post more thoroughly before commenting. Apologies to you as well Monte for speaking incorrectly on your behalf


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