The Scratchest Outfit of All Time




  1. North

    I can’t unsee this.

  2. Andrew Tyler

    Sadly, I’ve seen worse.

  3. pcb_duffer

    Did Jesper & Duffy commit unnatural acts with a unicorn?

  4. The Original Brian

    So douchy. You can pick out the guys who will shoot in the 80’s pretty easily by their outfits.

    I dress very conservatively on the course. Team colors are white and red so I usually stick to that with beige or black pants.

    I think you have to let your play do the talking. I’ve got old, beat up Titleists and Mizunos in the bag. I’d bet a good amount that these plugs are ‘rocking’ Cobra and/or Taylormade.

    Side note: We’re in the finals of our college match play event this weekend partly due to some great content from you recently.

  5. Roy Gilley

    Do people really like white belts? I don’t get it. Think you’ll ever see Fred Couples wearing a white belt?

  6. Michael Lewis

    I feel for these guys. It looks like they are out to enjoy themselves instead of trying to attack the course record. What’s golf coming to when people try to make it fun??? Good for them not everyone is an uptight ass clown like one of the schmuck commenters here.


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